Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Schrute 1: Round 5

Next up, we have the Schrute family.

Last round, Jennifer and David Schrute were working their way towards their lifetime wants. Meanwhile, at home, their older son Eric grew to a teen and their younger son Gaston grew to a child. Jennifer soon became pregnant again, and gave birth to a daughter, Giselle. David achieved his lifetime want of becoming a hall-of-famer, and the week ended with both Jennifer and David entering their elder years.

Well, I think it's safe to say that Giselle will be the youngest child of the Schrute family.

David: Yes, she will be. We had her just in time.

Cute outfit, despite the fact that she doesn't actually go to kindergarten.

Jennifer: I just got off the phone with Jessica. Apparently Tangerine has been having some issues.

David: Really? She always seemed so happy.

Oh, can we not go into this again? I just left that whole mess.

Looks like Gaston has a new friend....oh hi, Mango! Glad to see you met your uncle Gaston.

Mango: Gaston is my uncle?

Yes, strange as it may seem he is.

Mango: But he's the same age as me!

Not for long! Happy birthday, dear Gaston...

Proud of those arms, aren't you?

Gaston: What?

Never mind. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Gaston: I'd like to have a really big family.

Alright, family it is.

Looks like it's a double birthday. Happy birthday, dear Giselle...

What a beautiful little princess.

Giselle: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Giselle: Goodnight, Daddy.

David: Goodnight, Giselle.


Let's make that speech.

Looks like it was the right choice.

Yes! Two lifetime wants achieved.

Hmm, who is this?

Gaston: This is Tatianna Caligula. She came home from school with me today.

Think there might be a future here?

Gaston: Well, I like her as a friend.

I'll take that as a no.

Giselle: Bye, Espresso. I'll see you after school!

Aww, how sweet. And nice new hairstyle, by the way.

What did that cat get in here?

Well, I guess we can say goodbye to that chair.

I hope Gaston wasn't too attached to it.

$1 an acre? That's crazy. Say no.

See, it was the right choice.

Gaston: Hey, who let you in here?

I hope you weren't emotionally attached to that chair.

Gaston: It's ok. I still don't understand how that cat got in here, though.

Made a new friend, Giselle?

Giselle: Uh-huh. This is Paris.

I know.

Looks like Gaston brought home a friend too.

Gaston: So where did you grow up?

Wow, you'd think that kid hadn't eaten in a year. Good luck getting answers, Gaston.

Gaston: So...

Giselle: Can't talk-watching TV.

Ahh, the awkward attempts at sibling conversation.

Hmm Rachel Beesly. This could be interesting.

I think I see a future, here.

Giselle: All right! An A+!

Great job!

Gaston, that's not really the way to win over the ladies...

Ok, apparently it is. It looks like we've got another established couple!

Ahh, so this is where all those flowers all over the house are coming from.

David: Yeah, I needed a new hobby.

Looks like Gaston picked his lifetime want. Not bad.

Aww, that's so cute.

Giselle: What?

Well, you have yourself on your dress.

Giselle: Huh?

Never mind.

Giselle: Mom, someday I want to be good at sports like Dad.

Well you would be able to get an early start if some people would get around to converting...

Jennifer: Huh? Converting what?

Never mind.

Giselle: Why doesn't Dad use the toy bench and make toy robots?

Jennifer: He just likes flowers, Giselle What can I say?

Well, it looks like the week is wrapping up. Nice job on the scholarships, Gaston.

Gaston: Thanks.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Sorry, no major drama for this family. The Schrutes are a pretty happy bunch. Giselle is quite the little genius, though. She must have held on to her smart milk bonus, because her skills shoot right up.


Rachel said...

Hurray Rachel has a future mate. I think she will be having lots o' kids.

ciyrose said...

I like the Schrute's they are nice and happy. Giselle is super cute!