Monday, April 7, 2008

Beesly 6: Round 4

We haven't quite reached the end of the new houses yet, but we have reached the last of the Beesly houses.

June is the other half of the Beesly twins. When she and her twin sister May got to college, they found themselves at the mercy of the college gypsy who found her a fiancee, Damion.

Hi guys!

June: Hi, mysterious voice.

Nice outfits there.

June: It's what I got stuck with. We'll get new clothes before the wedding.

And I guess the wedding happening now...

June: How'd you guess?

Just a hunch.

Nice choice of a wedding dress, June.

June: Well, seeing as how everyone else in this town is wearing the white dress...

Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot to change everyone's formal wear back.

So you guys are the first of the new graduates to have a real wedding.

June: Well, it was important to us to have a party. Damion really wanted to meet everyone.

You feeling ok?

June: Yeah, I think so. Must have been some bad party food.

Hey, nice going Damion. Considering you didn't actually go to college...

Damion: I know. I feel so behind everyone else in town.

Don't worry about it. I think you'll make up for it.

I don't think it was party food, June.

June: I guess not.

Damion: Stupid always breaks at the worst time.

Yeah, like when your wife goes into labor.

Oh, boy. Here come the twins again...


June: It's a girl! Meet Robin!

Damion: She's beautiful, June. She looks just like you...

Hold on, Damion. I don't think we're done yet.

June: I don't think we're done yet...

As I was saying...


June: It's another girl! Meet Sparrow!

Ok, Robin has her mom's skin, hair, and eyes.

Sparrow has her dad's skin, brown hair (not sure which parent it's from) and...I can't see her eyes.

Ahh, let's be charitable. Donate those llamas.

See? It always pays off to be giving.

Damion: We're so glad you could come over-we're so exhausted.

Pamela: It's no problem. I remember how hard it was when June and May were born, and I already had an older daughter.

How does it feel to be a grandma?

Pamela: Pretty surreal. I've got my own toddler at home still.

Oh yeah, I forgot about her.

Well, despite not going to college you seem to be racking up the promotions this week.

What a happy little family.

June: It's almost time...

Time for what?

Oh...Happy Birthday, dear Robin and Sparrow...

Well, a makeover is in order for Robin.

Whoa! What happened with Sparrow?

Damion: I'm not really sure...

That's much better.

June: Come on, Sparrow. You can do it...

Good thing you have the weekend off, huh?

How come Damion isn't doing any of the teaching?

June: He's on cleaning duty. He follows me and cleans up bottles, puddles...

I see.

Well, I think this just about says it all. I'll see you guys next round.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: We've only got one more house left in round 4...we're so close! And about Sparrow's blonde hair-for some reason the custom hair I download has blonde hair that ends up in the brown bin. Not sure why.


Rachel said...

LOL on everyone but the bride wearing white to the wedding! The girls are adorable.

ciyrose said...

Awww...birds now. Robin and Sparrow are very very cute.

Gillian said...

Birdie theme! They are adorable. I love how Sparrow got blonde hair when she grew up! xD