Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beesly 5: Round 4

Moving right on down the row of new homes, we reach the fifth installment of the Beesly family.

May is one half of a set of twins, and one of the middle children of Pamela and Rhys Beesly. She is joined by her new fiancee, former mail carrier Pao Melon.

Hi, May!

May: Hi, mysterious voice. I think you've already met Pao.

Well, we've never officially met. But I do know that a makeover is in order...

That's much better. You clean up nice, Pao.

Pao: I think I was pretty clean as a mailman...

Never mind.

What? No wedding?

May: Who has time for a wedding? Pao only brought $5,000 with him. We've both got to start work ASAP.

May: Do you remember our first date?

Pao: Kind of, it all happened so fast.

Uh-oh. It's never a good sign when the welcome wagon falls asleep in the dinner.

Nice job on the promotion, but you might want to get that friend taken care of.

Pao: That's more May's problem-I barely know anybody.

How can you not know anybody? You're the mailman!

Pao: Well, nobody talked to me. I just put the bills in the box and moved on.

Are you pregnant?

May: Yup!

It's harder to tell with these dresses.

Emma: Did you hear? Soon we should be getting violins, and soccer goals, and sewing machines...

Guys, not yet. It's going to be a little while longer.

May: Aww, why?

Welcome to living in a Mac, guys.

Emma: Huh?

Um, never mind.

Another promotion!

Pao: We've got to save up with the baby coming.

What are you doing, Pao?

Pao: I'm looking for a new job. My lifelong dream is to be the mayor.

Yeah, you and about everyone else in town.

Pao: I'm going to have to work on my charisma skill a lot now...

May: Well, that's ok. As long as you're going after your dream.

Um...let's play it safe and cancel the event.


Oh, well. Looks like it didn't even make that much difference.

Oh, boy. I know that look! It's baby time!

May: It's a girl!!!

Funny how we always seem to hit a spurt right after the college graduation. What's her name?

May: We're going to call her Easter.

May: We have a beautiful baby girl!

Pao: That's great! What does she look like?

Hang on, there Pao. I'll go in with you...

Ok, she's got May's skin, and Pao's hair.

Way to go, Pao. You sure are raking it in this week.

Um, guys?

You're getting married in the bathroom?

May: If we don't do this now before Easter becomes a toddler, we'll never be able to do it.

What are you painting, May?

May: Last night...I had this weird dream. I saw people...I didn't know who they were, but I saw them. I want to get it down while it's still in my head.

Uh-huh...good luck with that, May.

Ok, not too many people would share a passionate kiss with their wife in front of a wolf, but whatever.

Happy Birthday, dear Easter...

She's a cutie, but I think a makeover is in order.

What's with the glasses?

May: Well, I always noticed that Pao was squinting a lot, but I never thought it was because of his eyesight. But now that Easter does it too, and she has my eyes...I thought it'd be for the best.

Well, they're adorable.

May: Atta girl, Easter. You can do it!

Pao: Come on, Easter. Go potty like a big girl now...

Well, I'll leave you guys to your teaching. I'll see you next round.

Can you say "goodbye"?

Easter: .....

I guess not.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Hmm, I didn't think Pao was going to produce such a cute little girl. I guess anything is possible with Sim genetics.


Rachel said...

Pao usually makes adorable kids! I do feel bad for your sims. They wanted Freetime so much. :( A toddler with glasses, pretty cute.

ciyrose said...

Awwww....Easter is cute. I've never used Pao, but every blog I've read with him have cute kids with him, he must have decent mixed genetics.