Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scott 1: Round 5

Welcome to a brand new round in Tranquility Bay! We find ourselves now back at the Scott family:

Let's see, what happened the last time we were here? Well, Lawrence and Emily decided to cut their losses and not try for a girl, leaving little Jack as the heir to the house and thus the only boy in the neighborhood who would get to keep his last name. Jack grew from a toddler to a child while his older brother Shawn grew to a teen and prepared for college. In the middle of the week, the house was robbed (of course) and Lawrence reached his lifetime want of reaching the top of the journalism career. At the end of the week Emily became an elder, but didn't show it in her hair.

Hi there, Jack. I see you're studying.

Jack: Yup! I want to have a lot of scholarships.

Well, you're smart to start early.

Who are you calling, Emily?

Emily: Well, things are going to be a little quiet around here so I thought I'd liven things up.

With a kitten?

He looks like such a happy little guy, too.

You realize that when he grows up he's probably not going to look so "smokey" anymore.

Lawrence: Well, he had this name already.

Really? Usually the kittens don't. That's strange.

(Yawn). Bixby Rabbit...

Surprise, surprise.

Ooh, a new one! Um...let's revert to fewer companies.

Looks like it was the right choice.

Jack: Thanks for the kitty, Mom.

Even though the parents seem to be bonding with him more than the child.

Looks like Jack brought home a friend.

Oh, I see this visit was for a special occasion. Happy birthday, dear Jack...

I guess bad teenage outfits run in your family. But not bad, overall.

Jack: Um...thanks.

Did you choose your aspiration?

Jack: Popularity.

Hmm...that seems to run in your family, too.

Glad to see Emily's golden years haven't slowed your marriage down.

Another friend? You're sure living up to that aspiration so far.

Jack: Mysterious voice, this is Trent Mendoza., it couldn't be. Besides, they were just...

Jack: What are you talking about?

Never mind.

You sure get along well with the cat, Trent.

Trent: Yeah, but I'm not sure why. I kind of feel bonded with it.

Jack: So what's all this about a town ghost?

Emily: Oh, it's nothing really. Some people down the street saw something in a dream, and another one painted a picture and now everyone's freaking out about it.

You guys aren't really in on it at this end of the street, huh?

Hey, what do you know? Smokey actually looks the same as an adult as he did as a kitten.

Oh, boy...he's been a teen for one day and already the girls start coming.

Jack: This is Trinity Mendoza...hey, I met a Trent Mendoza the other day.

Trinity: Yeah, that was my brother.

Your, it couldn't be.

Oh, look. Here's another girl-Trent, meet Ariana Rosada.

Jack: Um...hi.

She does look familiar...

Jack: Well, she's cool as a friend but I don't think it will go beyond that.

Well, don't worry. There's plenty of other girls in the town.

Tried making yourself breakfast, huh?

Jack: Yeah, it didn't go so well.

Next time don't start with omelettes right away. Try cereal first.

Hmm, who's this?

Jack: This is Temple Vega.

Temple: I'm Aracely's sister.

Oh, right. You two are pretty cute together...

Well, I guess we should take a break from the teenage soap opera and check in with the parents.

Lawrence: Stupid shower...

I'll come back later.

Emily: Oh...

Yeah, I'll definately be coming back later.

Lawrence: Who's a good kitty?

He's cute, but he's got some weird habits.

Like...trying to do the smustle, apparently.

Lawrence: Well, who's to say there's not a ghost out there?

Emily: Oh, Lawrence. There's no ghost in the town...unless you count the mysterious voice.

Nope, not a ghost.

Another one of Smokey's strange habits-having seizers on the sidewalk in the rain.

Well, it looks like Lawrence is finally going to catch up with his wife.

And I think he wins the "looks most different as an elder" award.

Ok, I'm glad you two are so in love, but you're standing in the cat's room holding hands while your son cooks dinner.

Emily: Oh, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Hmm, that's a pretty decent job for all that flirting you did. See you at graduation, Jack!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, this house was boring. I'm glad I got them that cat-he kept me entertained. And I didn't realize that Lawrence was a full week behind Emily-it was weird having her be an elder and him be an adult all week.


Rachel said...

Jack is a handsome boy. I wonder if any of the ladies will be going to college with him. Arianna's green skin is very different in your game than in mine.

ciyrose said...

Jack sure met a lot of very colorful girls. :)