Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Warner 1: Round 4

Next up on our list of new houses is a new name in town-the Warners.

Eric Schrute is the oldest son of Jennifer and David Schrute. Destiny Warner came to Tranquility Bay as a townie, but this isn't the first time the mysterious voice has met Destiny.

Hi, guys. Um...what are you doing?
Eric: We're digging for treasure. We need some extra money for these first few days.

Where did these pictures come from?

Destiny: I've been carrying them around since I got here.

Who are those people?

Destiny: You know, it's funny but I don't really know. I know that girl in the middle is me...and my sister Abigail is there, but the other four...I don't know. I feel like I should, obviously we all knew each other, but I don't remember them.

You don't remember your own family?

Destiny: Family? These people are my family?

Yeah, I can't believe you don't...

Eric: Destiny! Can you come help fill in some of these holes?

You go ahead. We'll talk later.

Oh, look. The welcome wagon's here.

April: So last night, I had this dream...

Were you in a desert called Cyberland?

April: ...what

Never mind.

Aww, look at the happy...wait, you guys didn't get married today.

Destiny: We know, we just ran out of time, what with all the digging and looking for jobs. Is that ok?

Yeah, I guess. It kind of throws of my groove, but whatever.

This, however, seems right on schedule.

Destiny: Oh, my...

I guess the first baby will come before the wedding, huh?

Destiny: I guess so.

Hmm...let's go with frostbite.

Whew! It was the right choice.

Destiny: Mysterious voice! I think it's time!

Wow, that was fast.

That was a pretty short twin spurt. I thought there would be a few more sets.


Destiny: It's a girl!

Great! What's her name?

Destiny: Angelica.


Has Destiny remembered anything else about who these people are?

Eric: No. I've been trying to figure it out too. I don't know how she carried these pictures around without knowing who these people were.

I don't either. But with the new baby I don't think there's time to figure it out right now.

Nice job, Destiny.

Destiny: Thanks.

She certainly takes after your side of the family, huh?

Eric: She sure does.

Ok, one for Destiny now...let's go with wire taps.

Whew. It's been a good week for chance cards.

Madison: How could you not remember your own family?

Destiny: I don't know...maybe it was an alien?

It wasn't an alien, Destiny.

Happy birthday, dear Angelica...

She's a cutie, but a change of hairstyles is in order.

That's much better. And now the training can begin.

Eric: Yup, and we're so excited...

Angelica: Bottle!

Well, she's smart.

Any reason you're doing the bulk of the teaching?

Eric: Well, Destiny's been working all weekend.

I see. Nice job, Destiny.

Destiny: Thanks. I just wish I could have been home to help out more with Angelica.

Well, this week's just about over. Can you say "goodbye", Angelica?

Angelica: Ha ha ha...

Ok, let's try this again. Can you say "goodbye"?

Angelica: .....

We'll work on it next week.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Destiny and Eric never actually did get married. I just forgot between the two jobs and the baby. I'll do it next week. Destiny is from my first custom neighborhood-before I started playing prosperity. When I moved her family over, only her and Abigail "survived". The rest were eaten.


belladuke97 said...

Angelica? Is this a Rugrats theme? With a last name of Warner, I was hoping for a Yakko, Wakko, and Dot!

Rachel said...

Angelica is adorable! I don't know what the theme is yet. Can't wait to get caught up!

ciyrose said...

Angelica is so adorable! Can't wait to find out the theme in the next set of updates. :)

Le cordon "bleu" said...

... to... disturb your "tranquility Bay, but have you read about the Sorcieres of Salem"?

MegRen said...

Love the "Rent" reference!