Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beesly 7: Round 8

Last round, Rachel Beesly gave birth to a second set of twins, Gemini and Virgo. Her oldest child Orion grew from a child to a teen while her first set of twins, Capricorn and Taurus, grew from toddlers to children.

Well, aren't things festive in here.

Gaston: Do you like it? We weren't sure about the white...

No, it looks great. Why are you two so dressed up?

Gaston: We're doing the Christmas picture today. The kids are still getting dressed.

Oh, great. Getting them posed is going to be special..

Well, I would like to thank Virgo and Gemini for looking at the camera. And somehow I managed to fit two parents and 4 kids in front of the tree and not have anybody blocked by anybody else.

Virgo: Um, can I play with you?

Gemini: Sure.

Capricorn: What are you playing with her for?

Taurus: Yeah, who's side are you on?

Side? I wasn't aware we had sides.

Oh, well. Looks like I'm not going to get an answer right now. Happy birthday, dear Taurus...

Not bad...

Taurus: Um...what's up with my hands?

Oh, sorry...let me just work some mysterious voice magic here.

Now, which aspiration would you like?

Taurus: I want a whole lot of friends!

Ok, popularity it is.

Happy birthday, dear Capricorn...

Very nice as well. Now, which aspiration would you like?

Capricorn: I want a life of pleasure.

Ok, pleasure aspiration it is!

Um, can I help you two?

Taurus: We both have to go to the bathroom really bad!

Capricorn: It's Gemini's fault-she's always hogging the bathroom.

You two do realize that there is another bathroom in the house...

Gemini: Want to play with the dollhouse?

Virgo: Um...I don't think I'm supposed to anymore. Taurus and Capricorn are making fun of me.

Where are the older two?

Gaston: Those two almost never get up in time for breakfast. It's a good thing they feed them at school.

Virgo: I got an A+!

(holds applause until the other twin gets off...)

Gemini: I got one too!

Great job, both of you.

Oh, nice going Gaston. I didn't even realize you were that close.

Looks like the older boys picked lifetime wants. Hmm, annoying but do-able.

This one I'm not so crazy about, though.

I guess it's best to get an early start on this one...

Welcome to the family, Rusty!

Capricorn: Awesome, we got a dog! I'll just bring him...

Capricorn, the school bus is about to leave. You can bond with Rusty when you get home.

Or you can bond with Stream Warner. Either way...

Looks like we've got another couple!

What are you two doing?

Capricorn: I'm just really happy about how my date went.

And Taurus?

Taurus: Um, I just wanted to dance.

Gaston: So what do you make of all this end of the world talk?

Oh, not this again...

Rachel: I don't know...I don't find the idea of another world existing with ours any more comforting. The Halperts actually saw them-I don't know if I'd be able to do that. It's like watching a world of ghosts.

Hmm, looks like Taurus is making a friend...too bad she's your cousin so it can't go any farther.

Taurus: Huh?

Yeah, your mom and her dad are siblings.

Taurus: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Violin: Hi!

Um, hi Violin. Do you know anyone in this house?

Gemini: Mommy, why don't the boys like me?

Rachel: They do like you, honey. They're just growing up, that's all.

Um, I beg to differ on this one. Those older boys really don't like Gemini much at all.

Rachel: Shh! I'm trying to make her feel better.

Gemini: You like me, don't you Rusty?

Yes, honey. I'm sure Rusty likes you.

Looks like Taurus is getting outside help with the dating.

And for once, the gypsy has actually made a decent choice.

Couple number two for this house!

Setting up a home gym?

Rachel: Well, Gaston's been getting a little round around the middle, and now Capricorn has been showing a few more pounds too. We have the pool out back but that doesn't help much in the winter.

Happy birthday, Rusty!

Gemini: Do you like me?

I don't think the snowman is going to talk back, Gemini. You'd better get inside before you turn blue.

Orion...I haven't changed your hair or outfit yet?

Orion: Nope.

But...haven't I been to your house yet?

Orion: Nope.

Did I skip you?

Orion: No...we're a few houses down the road. I live with Violet's parents, remember?

Oh, right. Sorry, I'm still getting back into the swing of things around here.

Another birthday to wrap up the week. Happy birthday dear Gemini...

And Virgo...

Hmm, very nice. Have you picked an aspiration yet?

And what about you, Virgo?

Gemini: I want boys to like me.

(sigh) Ok, you are the heiress to the house. Your parents will be around to keep things in check.

Virgo: And I want a big family.

Ok, kind of opposite directions there.

Taurus: Come on, Rusty. Shake!

Are you two best friends yet?

Taurus: I think's kind of hard to tell with a dog.

Glad to see you two are as close as ever.

So you two know the system I came up with, right?

Gemini:, what system?

Since you two haven't chosen lifetime wants yet you don't have to go to college until next round.

Virgo: So we have a whole other round to earn these skill points?

That's right.

Gemini: Oh, thank you!

Ha! Go Gemini!

Although I guess having twin older brothers does set you up for failure...

Gemini: I can't wait for you two to leave!

And thankfully, that isn't too far off. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I have to admit, when I saw Orion I honestly freaked out that I had skipped his house. As much as I hated to do it I decided to make Gemini the romance sim out of the twins (I roll twin aspirations together rather than roll each one) since she will have her parents around to care for any children that may come down the road, while Virgo will be in his own house. And I know I forgot to take a scholarship picture again-but I remembered the end picture this time. I'm slowly getting my rhythm back with this.


Rachel said...

Poor Gemini, her brothers need to be nice to her and Virgo shouldn't listen to his older brothers. I think Family matches a boy who plays with a dollhouse better than Romance, so good call.

ciyrose said...

Well I understand why Gemini might want Romance, so you were probably right with that call. Poor girl just wants someone to like her, especially the boys.