Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beesly 8: Round 8

Last round, Monica and Toyota Beesly were enjoying life with their two daughters, Air and Dell. Dell grew from a toddler to a child and Air grew from a child to a teenager. Monica kept herself occupied during the day by maintaining the home while working night shifts as a criminal mastermind.

What are you looking at?

Monica: The storm. It's raining so hard outside.

Toyota: Perfect.

What's wrong, Toyota? You seem a bit out of sorts.

Oh, right. Both of your grandparents died this round. I guess that would make a person act a bit strangely.

Is a nice home-cooked breakfast helping?

Toyota: Kind of.

Monica: Don't worry, we'll put up the holiday stuff after you get home from work. That should help cheer you up.

Um...let's build seaport.


Dell? Isn't Arianna a bit old for you to be making friends with?

Dell: Maybe for now.

Ahh, it's Dell's birthday.

Happy birthday, dear Dell!

Very nice, and a halfway decent outfit! Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Dell: I want lots of friends!

Another one? There sure are a lot of those this round.

Uh-oh...thankfully there's already a smoke alarm in here because of the fireplace.

Monica: So...why are you in my house?

Arianna: Um...why are you dressed like a dark fairy?

Still trying to kill time during the day?

Monica: Yup. Working on fishing now.

I think you need to keep working.

Looks like we're getting a bird...not sure why.

So what's the birdy's name?

Dell: Flappy. Dad's wanted a birdcage for like ever.


Dell: The lady at the pet store said we shouldn't spend too much time thinking up a name.

Gee, I wonder why.

Time to make friends with your cousin?

Dell: I'm a popularity sim now. I'm making friends with everyone.

Looks like you've got an easy lifetime want, though.

So I guess this is why they told them not to spend time picking the name...birds are the goldfish of the Sim world. I think this must be a new record.

What happened?

Monica: I...I don't know!

Looks like we're moving onto bird number two...

So the new bird's name is...

Monica: Chirpy!

Um, I don't think Chirpy needs to see this. Though I'm glad Toyota's in a better mood!

Uh-oh. Bird on the loose!

Trying to warm up?

Dell: Yeah.

Just be careful. We don't need any more fires this week.

Nice going, Dell.

Dell: Thanks for remembering to take the picture.

And I guess there's time for one more pillow fight before I head out. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So I'm not sure why Toyota was suddenly spinning up wants for a bird cage. Seriously, what is up with those birds? Flappy didn't even make it a whole day!


Rachel said...

That's very weird that Flappy died so fast. My one bird died suddenly this round too & he had lived a couple rounds. Glitch? Nice update as always.

Anonymous said...

Meh, this always happens. I've read tons of stories where the birds die drop like flies, including my friend's Pokemon legacy and another legacy with a Pirate theme. (Go to to find these stories.)

That's why I don't have caged pets in my lots, they die too fast.

I'm glad you finally got back in the groove, considering that you're almost finished with this place. I am going to dedicate my own Prosperity to you, Mary. ^_^

ciyrose said...

Well I'm getting caught up. That bird died really fast. I've only had a couple of birds, but they have all lived for quite awhile...strange.