Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Special 2009!

Hi, everybody! It's your friendly mysterious voice here with a special Christmas Eve message from the citizens of Tranquility Bay!

Ok, everybody....hold still now...

Dell: Um, mysterious voice? How much longer do we have to stand here?

Trust me, it won't take very long...we're just going to give a holiday greeting to all the nice people.

Clarinet: What nice people? Everybody I know is crammed in here!

The nice people who come and read about all of you.

Lawrence: You didn't make us do this last year.

No, I did not. But I thought with the holiday we should do something special. And I don't know if you guys are aware, but we're also approaching a very important anniversary.

Tangerine: Who's?

Ours. Next week it will be two years since I started visiting your little town...well, two years my time.

Queens: Speaking of your time, can we hurry this up? Some of us have multiple babies here...

Alice: Yeah, and some of us have to get home and in bed before Santa comes.

Ok, ok. Let's get started...does everyone remember the song I taught you?

Everybody: Yes!

Ok, good. Everyone together now...just like in rehearsal...

Christmas, Christmas time is near
Thanks for stopping by this year
Now you get to hear us sing
Before we see what Santa brings

So much stuff we never get

Alice: I still want a soccer net!

We just want to stop and say
Enjoy your Christmas day!

Ok, say the line...

Everybody: Merry Christmas from Tranquility Bay...can we go home now?

Yes, can all go home.

And just as a side don't realize how many Sims you have in a neighborhood until you try to photoshop them into one picture. I apologize if this took centuries to load for anyone.


Rachel said...

That's crazy, look at them all! Part of me wants to try that but the other part doesn't. Very funny greeting though. Merry Christmas to the residents of Tranquility Bay!