Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Warner 5: Round 9


Last round, Stream Warner and Capricorn Beesly moved in together after completing college. Both of them dove headfirst into new careers, although Stream quickly found herself on maternity leave with the couple's first child, Chestnut. The week passed by in such a blur that neither of them realized they had yet to marry each other. 

Morning not going so well, Stream?

Stream: I guess not. This stove is so unreliable.


 Stream: Guess who's growing up tonight, Chestnut!

Big birthday party planned?

Stream: Well, yes and no...

Looks like they're doing the wedding and Chestnut's birthday on the same night. Very efficient.


 Hi there, guys! May I say how nice, and now normal, you all look in your suits.

Rome: Bay complained when we tried to leave the house in kimonos and Santa outfits...

I guess Capricorn didn't get the memo about the normal wedding attire.


 And it looks like Chestnut wants to get in on the festivities too!


 (Although it would have been nice if someone had gotten him dressed before he joined the party...)


 You're having a wedding cake?

Stream: Yeah...aren't we supposed to?

I guess so...nobody else around here really does.

Between this and Chestnut's birthday, these guests are going to be on a major sugar high.


 Happy birthday, dear Chestnut...

Not bad. I'm thinking a trip to the mirror is in order, though.


 Much better.


 Chestnut:  But Dad, why do I have to go to school now?

Trust me, Chestnut. It's a better option than staying at home with the nanny all day.


 Nice job, Capricorn.

Capricorn: Thanks! It's not helping me get closer to the 50 dream dates, though.

 Stream: How does the food taste?

Capricorn: It's, um...great. Just great.

Stream: You don't need to lie. I know it's burned.

Still haven't mastered that stove, huh?

 Looks like you'd better get that stove under control soon, Stream. Something tells me you'll be cooking more in the near future.


 Don't you want to wait until it's light outside before a snowball fight?

Chestnut: No, it's more fun at night!


 Man, Coal and Marble are getting around.

 Chestnut: Why aren't you wearing a coat?

Marble: I don't know.

 Is this what I think it is?

Stream: I know, I know. But I want to make sure I have a girl this time.
You know even this doesn't ensure that you will have a girl.

Stream: Yes, but it will increase the odds a bit.

Man, the only kids I'm seeing around town these days are Marble, Coal, and Milli...I should probably keep tabs on how well these two get along.

Chestnut: Huh? Why?

Never mind...


 Looks like it's baby time!

Or babies time. That cheesecake never fails.


 Looks like it paid off, though.

Stream: It's a girl! 

Great! What's her name?

Stream: We're calling her Hazel!

Stream: I don't think we're done yet...


 Stream: We've got another girl!

 And her name is?

Stream: We're calling her Almond!


Well, even though the crib is eating her, I can see that Almond got her mom's skin... 

 And Hazel got her dad's.
 And on your first day back from maternity leave, too! Great job, Stream.

Stream: Thanks. I don't know how I'm going to have time to make all the friends I need for the next promotion, though.

Chestnut: I can make them for you, Mom!


Ok, now I'm confused. The nanny is giving the baby a bath instead of just dropping them on the floor? What is going on around here?


 Capricorn: Ugh, Almond!

That's what you get for waving her around in the air after feeding her.


 Happy birthday, dear Hazel...

...and Almond...


 Not bad, but I think a new hairstyle is in order.

Not so much for Almond, though. Good to see Chestnut bonding with her.

Chestnut: Mommy told me to watch her while she fixes Hazel's hair.


 Stream: Come on, Almond. Come to Mommy...

Teaching her to walk and teaching her fire safety at the same time. Again, very efficient.

Chestnut: Hi, Grandma. No, Mommy and Daddy can't come to the phone. They're busy with the twins...


 Decided to stop by in person, Abigail?

Abigail: It sounded like they could use my help. I know something about having a lot of little ones.


 Um, Chestnut? I don't think this is the best animal for you to make friends with.

Chestnut: Why?

Well, the glowing eyes should be your first clue. Anyway, I have to be on my way now. Just try not to get bitten by anything, ok?

Chestnut: Ok!

Alright, then. I'll see everybody next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: First of all, I have to thank the anonymous commenter who suggested Hazel as a girl name for this family on last round's post, and also the one who pointed out that I did in fact have to get Stream and Capricorn married in order to fulfill Abigail's lifetime want. The wedding was actually very nice, though, so I'm glad I did it. I think Capricorn's 50 dream dates are going to be on the back burner for a little while-they only managed to get in two dates in the entire week.


Anonymous said...

You saw it? Awesome! The name suggestion was me, the Lifetime Want was my friend. Where do you get your custom hair for boys? I looked, but they're not on raonsims or xmsims.

Jessi said...

Awwwwww, Hazel looks just like her daddy.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed something, its the funniest thing. All of Abigail and Rome's kids, at the end pictures, they all have and arm around each other. Funny. Its been like that for all 4 of the married kids so far. Wonder if it'll be that way for Bay and Sea.