Friday, March 4, 2011

Vega 4: Round 9


Last round, Venice and Crimson were raising their daughter, Snapple, from a toddler to a child. Meanwhile, Venice became pregnant for a second time and gave birth to a second child, Aquafina.

Hey, Venice.

Venice: Um, hi.

How's the baby doing?

Venice: Aren't you going to say something about how much you hate me for no reason?

Nah, not yet. Can't make any promises for the rest of the week, though.

Venice: Hi, dad. Hey, listen, it's the baby's birthday tonight. Why don't you swing by...oh, you're at home with Valley. Island's out with her boyfriend, huh? Well, what about Angelica? Oh, ok. Don't worry about it, we'll take pictures.

Good to know Andre was at least able to have a phone conversation with one of his older kids.

Happy birthday, dear Aquafina...

And she looks...exactly like Snapple did. Those Holiday genes are strong!

A quick game of red-hands before school?

Venice: Yup. I want to send her off in the best mood possible.

Snapple: Mommy, are you going to have another baby?

Venice: I don't think so, dear. We have two girls. That's quite enough.

Hmm, seems Venice and I are starting to see eye to eye on things.

Happy birthday, dear Snapple...


Not bad. Have you chosen an aspiration yet?

Snapple: I want a life of pleasure, like my mom.

Ok, it's still better than romance.

Nice job, Venice.

Venice:, you don't hate me anymore?

Nah. You're starting to grow on me a little bit.

Venice: So can I ask you one question?


Venice: What did I do to make you hate me before?

Um, I had some...pre-existing assumptions about your family when you arrived here.

Venice: Based on what?

Oh, would you look at that! You're pregnant again!

Venice: This conversation is not over...I need to go find Crimson and tell him.


Aquafina: Mama!

Venice: Just a second, honey. Mommy's a little worn down right now...

Your mom recruited you to baby-sit?

Snapple: She's just taking a nap. I wish Aquafina would follow her example.

Looks like the toddler years are almost over anyway. Happy birthday, dear Aquafina...

Again, just like Snapple.

Aquafina: Um...thanks.


Hmm...who is this, I wonder?

Snapple: This is Braden Caligula.

Caligula? Oh, right...I forgot that Kalliope had siblings when she first arrived.

Looks like they hit it off!

And Snapple even has an easy lifetime want.

Venice: Oww!

Looks like it's baby time!


Just one more...looks like Crimson's twin gene hasn't kicked in.

I see green! That can only mean one thing...

Venice: It's a boy!

What are you naming him?

Venice: We're calling him Gatorade.


Um, don't you want to redecorate a bit?

Venice: After Snapple moves out, we're going to re-do her room for Gatorade. For right now, these two have to share. He can't tell the difference anyway.

Happy to finally have a son?

Crimson: I'd have been happy either way, but it is a nice change from having the two girls.


(clears throat)

Venice: Well, we have to try for another heiress now.

Technically you don't have to. I appreciate the effort, though.

Practicing for something?

Snapple: No, just making sure my outfit looks good.

I see. You might want to head downstairs for your brother's first birthday.

Happy birthday, dear Gatorade...

Man, those Holidays have some strong DNA...


Well, the week seems to be winding down...

Venice: Oh, no you don't. You never answered my question.

Well, it's kind of complicated, really. I wouldn't want to distract you from teaching Gatorade to walk...

Enjoying your little brother?

Aquafina: I'll enjoy him more when he's out of my room.
Well, that shouldn't be much longer. It's scholarship time!
 Not a bad job, Snapple.

Snapple: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Do me a favor and tell your mom I said goodbye, ok?

Snapple: I think she wanted to talk to you a bit more...

I know, but I really have to be on my way. Lots of houses to visit, you know. I'll see you at graduation and everybody else next round!


 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This post has taken entirely too long to write. I honestly forgot that Venice was pregnant before going into this house. I don't remember if it was a planned pregnancy or not. I really am starting to like this incarnation of Venice, though.


Anonymous said...

If you get a girl next round, I like the name Sprite a lot. It sound like an actual name, too, unlike something ridiculous like Kool-Aid, though, that's just ridiculous.

ciyrose said...

This Venice is super sweet with her kids. The kids are all super cute!

Anonymous said...

I hope Sapples kid's have her facial features, and Braden's hair and skin. That would be so awesome!

Anonymous said...

I like the name Pepsi for their new baby :) It could be a boy's or girl's name!