Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beesly 11: Round 9


Last round, Air became pregnant for a second time and gave birth to a second daughter, Verdana. Her first daughter, Helvetica, grew from a toddler to a child and started school.

Hi, guys!

Air: You did it again, mysterious voice.


Air: You're supposed to come here before going over to Venice's, remember?

Oh, right. Sorry about that, guys.

Air: So, we really don't need you to do much today. She'll probably sleep right until we get home.

Nanny: Well, why don't I make a nice dessert for you two...

Adam: That's really, really not necessary. In fact, you don't even need to go into the kitchen at all...

Let's go with no...



Nice job, Adam.

Adam: The nanny didn't go into the kitchen, did she?

Um, not that I saw.

Adam: That's good.

Happy birthday, dear Verdana...

Aww, you look just like your dad!

Verdana: Um...thanks.

Might as well take advantage of the one night you're both kids...


Happy birthday, dear Helvetica....

Hmm, not bad. Have you chosen an aspiration yet?

Helvetica: Yup!

Helvetica: I want a life of pleasure!

That one's been popular this round.


And let the dating begin! Meet Jazz Holiday.

Helvetica: Are you related to Venice?

Jazz: Yup, I'm her brother.

Looks like that was a good pickup line...not sure why.

Verdana: I got an A+!

Great job!


I thought they told you to stay out of the kitchen...

Nanny: I know what I'm doing...

Nanny: See?


Yeah, I see that you set fire to an empty floor tile and walked away...

 Ok, just to clarify what's going on here...the nanny has caught fire, as has Air and Helvetica. The fireman is working to put them out, and Holland (who is here because...he is. I don't know) is panicking at the sight.

Fireman: I guess I have to put her out now, huh?

Kind of hoping she would go before you got to her?

Fireman: Um...

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Verdana: Daddy, you missed it!

Adam: Missed what?

Verdana: The nanny was on fire, and so were Mommy and Helvetica!

Adam: What?

Don't worry, everybody's alright.

Well, after that bit of excitement it's scholarship time. Not a bad job, Helvetica.

Helvetica: Thanks!

Ok, now I must be on my way. I'll see you and Jazz at graduation; everybody else, I'll see you next round!

 A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Another lot, another fire caused by a careless nanny. I love that the fireman saved the nanny for last, as if he really didn't want to put her out.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you setting up any of the girls with Conneticut? You know, Conneticut Beesly, Beesly House 4?

ciyrose said...

Those stupid nannies and setting the floor tiles on fire. At least the family is ok.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Helvetica have more Vega in her than her mom does?