Friday, March 18, 2011

Scott 2: Round 9


 Last round, Topanga Scott and Ocean Warner moved into their new home after graduating from college. They were soon married, and Topanga became pregnant with their first child, Celery. She also joined the gamer career, while Ocean eventually entered the education field while waiting for his true dream job of slacker to be available.


 Um, doing some redecorating?

Topanga: This is going to be Celery's bedroom once she grows up. That nursery is much too small.

 I seem to remember your bedroom growing up not being much bigger...

Topanga: Exactly. That's how I know.

You're also aware that she won't grow up for a couple more days.

Topanga: Well, it never hurts to be ready early.


I see you've given her a makeover, too. 

Topanga: I thought my little princess could use a new hairstyle.
She only had the old hairstyle for about a day and a half, but whatever...

 Looks like Slacker finally came up! It's a bit of a pay cut, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem...

Oh, um...let's go with Aliens.


 Oops. Did I say the pay cut wouldn't be too much of a problem?


 Gee, you sure are taking total bankruptcy pretty well.

Topanga: Well, I did earn my regular salary today. We'll be ok as long as there aren't any more surprises.

 Surprise! I thought Celery was going to be an only child.

Topanga: So did worries, though. They'll keep paying me while I'm on maternity leave, and I'm at the top level of my career already. It's not like I'm missing out on any promotions by not going to work.

 So, Ocean, can I ask you for a more objective analysis of the financial situation around here?

Ocean: Well, it's not good. We would have been ok, but the re-decoration ate up a lot of our savings. I want Celery to have a nice bedroom, too. But I don't see why we couldn't have just waited until she actually grew up and then exchanged the crib for a bed and the changing table for a desk. That's what my parents did with my sisters' rooms.

 Have you brought this up with her?

Ocean: Yeah. She said something about wanting her princess to have what she didn't have. 

Again with the princess...

Ocean: Exactly. She's trying to raise a princess on a pauper's salary, and now there's another on the way. I can't see this ending well but I'm holding out hope that she'll come to her senses once Celery grows up.

 Well, there's only one way to find that out. Happy birthday, dear Celery...

See? I told you she'd start growing into those cheekbones.

Celery: Huh? What's wrong with my cheeks?

Nothing....nothing at all...


 Any minute now, huh?

Topanga: Yup!

So, were those pajamas a gift from your mom?

Celery: Yup! I've got all kinds of princess pajamas! Ones with Belle, and Ariel, and...

Um, can I ask you a question?

Celery: Sure.

How do you know who they are? Last time I checked you guys don't have the Disney channel.

Celery: ....I know that they're princesses, like me.

Uh-huh...changing the subject, are you ready for your first day of school?

Celery: You bet!


 Why does this not surprise me? Celery, I don't know if you can wear your Cinderella dress to school. I think that's just for dress-up at home.

Celery: But Mommy said I could, and she's been to my school before. You haven't.

Well, she's got me there. 


 Ocean: So...your teacher didn't say anything about your dress?

Celery: She said I looked very pretty.

Kind of hoping the teacher would ban it for you, Ocean?

Ocean: Wishful thinking, I know.

Well, we'll return to the dress-code debate in a minute. It's baby time!


 No twin genes here...


 And I see purple! That can only mean...

Topanga: We have another little princess! We're naming her Brocolli.

Funny, I don't see a crown anywhere...

However, I do see her dad's freckles.

Topanga: So what princess do you want to be today?

Celery: Belle! We're learning to read at school, and Belle likes to read.

Ok, now how on Earth does she know that?

Celery: Well, everybody knows that.

Topanga: See, I don't know what her father is talking about. The princess stuff is not just encouraging her appearance. It's encouraging her to read, too.

Yeah, while dressed in a bright yellow ball gown...because she can't enjoy reading while dressed in a t-shirt and jeans.


 Milli: Why do you wear your dress-up to school?

Celery: Because I want to look like a real princess.

Milli: But you couldn't run around in gym class. You kept tripping over your dress.

Celery: It's ok. Princess don't have to run around. They can, but they don't have to.


 Ocean: I'm sorry, can we talk about this princess stuff one more time?

Topanga: It's just a phase, Ocean. It's harmless fun.

Ocean: But you seem to be encouraging it an awful lot...

Topanga: Well, I want our girls to feel special, that's all. I want them to feel like they are valued and wanted in our home. When I was growing up my mother just tolerated my presence until I was old enough for her to put me to work in the store. I want my girls to know that they are the most important thing in my life.

Ocean: That's all very well and good, but why does that have to mean her going to school every day looking like it's Halloween?

 So, let me take a guess. You're Rapunzel today?

Celery: Nope!


 Celery: Today I want to be Jasmine.

Ok, now I know there's no way they're going to be ok with you wearing that in school.

Celery: But it's better than the dresses! I can do gym with this on. I won't trip.

Ocean: Hello? Oh, yes. Hi. Yeah, I...I know. We're...well, I'm working on it. Yeah, absolutely. I'll talk to her about it when she gets home. Ok, thank you. Bye.

Who was that?

Ocean: That was the office at Celery's school. Apparently Cinderella and Belle were fine, but Jasmine was over the line. 

I suspected as much.


 Oh, goody. The second-in-command is ready to ascend to the throne. Happy birthday, dear Brocolli...

Yup, she got her dad's skin!


 Topanga: Good girl, Brocolli. Princesses always use the potty...

Ok, Topanga. This princess thing is starting to get old.

Topanga: It's only while they're little.

But Celery's not that little anymore, and now she's going to school in costume every day.

Topanga: Not anymore. After the school called I had a talk with her. She has to wear regular clothes to school, but she can dress up when she gets home.

I do like the new hair and glasses on Brocolli, though.

Topanga: Thank you.


 Topanga: Goodnight, little princess.

So now it's "little" princess?

Topanga: Well, I have to differentiate between them somehow.

And using their names it just too easy?

Celery: Mommy, am I still a princess?

Topanga: Of course. You're always going to be my princess.

Celery: But last night you called Brocolli your princess.

Topanga: Well, I have two princesses now. 

Celery: But how can there be two princesses in the same house?

Sounds like Celery's beginning to catch onto something...


 Let me guess...the glowing came from "princess milk?"

Topanga: Yup!

Guess calling it smart-milk wouldn't have made her feel special enough, right?

Celery: Hi, Milli. Want to come over? I promise I'll let you be a princess too. No, I just found out there can be two princesses at the same time. Yes there can! What do you mean only one is really the princess? 


So, um...just out of curiosity...what were you and Milli talking about?

Celery: Milli says that there can only be one princess at a time, because the princess is supposed to be the most important one and if someone else is just as important, then she's not really the princess.
Celery: But Mommy told me that both me and Brocolli are both princesses because she loves us both the same. 

Did she, now?

 I think Celery might be starting to grow out of the princess stage, Topanga.

Topanga: See? I told you. It's just a phase...

 But if Brocolli's nightgown is any indication, it's a phase that won't be over in this house for quite awhile.


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I had a lot of fun with this house. Given how Topanga was raised, it made sense that she would go in the complete opposite direction with raising her own daughters. Brocolli (yes, I realize I spelled her name wrong) was a surprise. If a Sim isn't showing pregnancy when I leave the house, I often forget that another baby is on the way before I get to them again. And yes, I made all of Celery's princess attire specifically for this storyline-it will be up on Simboree in the near future.


ciyrose said...

Fun update. It made sense that Topanga would be like that with her girls after how she was raised. The dresses were cute!