Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beesly 14: Round 9


 Yes, believe it or not we have reached the 14th lot in the Beesly family. This one belongs to Helvetica, the eldest daughter of Air and Adam, and Jazz Holiday who is the last of the Holiday family to be added to the town.


 Something wrong, Jazz?

Jazz: I think we overspent on this we really need all this?

Don't worry, you're just not used to living in this part of town. Having, you know, a structure and basic furnishings is kind of customary.


 Since I didn't get to see Jazz pick his lifetime want, I figured I should get that down too...that should compliment Helvetica's "have 50 1st dates" quite nicely.

Highest paying job he could get, I guess...neither of them have career-related lifetime wants so anything goes.


 Why not? They're in the same career-it's cute.

I see dressed-up relatives! That can only mean one thing!


 It's wedding time! That's a very...daring dress for one's wedding day.



 At least Air and Adam's horrible outfits compliment one another.

And what would a wedding reception be without dancing?


 So, I can't help but notice that you're in your work uniform now, Jazz.
Jazz: Well, you know, the carpool came.

It was the middle of your wedding reception, Jazz. I think they would have cut you some slack.


 Or maybe not, seeing as how they're reading Helvetica the riot act and they never even sent a car for her.


 Changing jobs?

Helvetica: I don't want to be in a career where I can lose everything for no real reason.

So you're going into show business?

Helvetica: Sure. Name one field that's more secure than that.

Um, any of them, really...


 Looks like it doesn't matter much right now, though.

Shower brake?

Jazz: Yes. I knew we overspent on this house. Everything is falling apart, and we can't afford a repairman!

Don't worry, I'm sure you can fix the shower. It won't electrocute you.


 Any day now, huh?

Helvetica: Yup.


 Nice going, Jazz...about the promotion, not the flu.

Jazz: I figured.


I know that look! It's baby time!


 Another girl? Did somebody spike your food with watermelon?

Helvetica: Huh? What does watermelon have to do with anything?

Um, nothing. So what's her name?

Helvetica: Kayley.

 Hmm...looks like she's mostly taking after Grandpa Adam...

 Any reason you painted her room to match her outfit?

Helvetica: Well, hopefully this way the nanny will realize which room she's supposed to be in.

 Happy birthday, dear Kayley...

 And I can see the Beesly in her face now.

Nice job, Jazz.

Jazz: Thanks, I'm not too good at this hairbow stuff.

Most dads' aren't, Jazz. It's ok.

You seem to be pretty good at teaching her to walk, though.

 Well, my time here is just about up. We're getting really close to the end of the round! See all of you in round 10!

 A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Ok, so all the posts should be complete now. I'm really happy I finally got all the Holidays into town, but I did realize that I'll probably have to download some new townies in the near future.


snowangel said...

Why are all the recent posts getting cut off? I really wanted to read them!! :)

ciyrose said...

Fun post, so many new houses and weddings and babies. You've had quite a rash of girls! Kayley is very cute though, I love that hair.