Sunday, January 8, 2012

Martin 3: Round 9


We now arrive at the third Martin house in Tranquility Bay. This one belongs to Harmonica Martin and Ash Warner. Harmonica was the second child of the Martin family, born after her father had an...experience with the family's telescope. Ash is also a middle child, with he and his brother Maple being sandwiched between two sets of twins. 

What are you doing, Harmonica?

Harmonica: Oh, hi mysterious voice. I'm just, um...can I ask you something?


Harmonica: Why aren't my eyes brown anymore?

Well, they're back to your original eyes. Aren't you happy about that?

Harmonica: I guess. It was just nice being normal for a little while, you know?


Looks like Ash has his eye on that reward bookshelf...

While Harmonica is chasing her actual lifetime want.


Nice going!

Harmonica: Thanks.

And see? I bet nobody at work cares about your skin or your eyes.

Harmonica: I work in the back. I wouldn't know.


Harmonica: You don't care, right?

Ash: About what?

Harmonica: My eyes going back to the way they were.

Ash: Of course fact, I find them kind of mysterious...

Ok, that's my cue to exit.


Nice job, Ash!

Ash: Thanks!


A little early to be taking a family portrait, isn't it?

Harmonica: We wanted to get a picture of us on the wall while it's still easy to do.


And something tells me it won't be easy for much longer!


You're having a great week!

Ash: I know. It's crazy.


Like I said...

Harmonica: I wonder....

You wonder what?

Harmonica: What he'll look like...or she.

You guys do have some interesting genetics to play with, that's for sure.

Oops...both to my not getting a picture of the question and to the obviously wrong answer.


Ash: I knew it was too good to be true...

Aww, you made one mistake. You'll get that promotion back in no time.


It's amazing how those jeans are still fitting you.

Harmonica: I think it's this special kind of stretch denim...


See? What did I tell you?


And look, he even gets a child to boot! It's baby time!



Another boy....

Harmonica: We'll call him Sloth!

Odd choice of name for your firstborn, but whatever...


And with all the custom/wacky genetics in this guy's family tree, he comes out with the most basic look you could imagine!

Harmonica: He's perfect! He's so normal!


Um...Blend and Send?


Yes! I have horrible luck with this one most of the time.


Uh-oh...I detect that Sloth might not be an only child for long.


Speaking of which...happy birthday, dear Sloth...


Looks like Harmonica's eyes weren't able to be completely left out...and he even has a cute hair cut.


Well, I'll leave you guys to get some rest before the next little one arrives! See you next round!

Harmonica: Bye, mysterious voice!


A Message from the Mysterious Voice: See? I told you that as soon as Harmonica wasn't a teen anymore, her eyes would be back to normal. I still can't believe how basic Sloth came out. Between the alien genes from his mom and the custom skin tones from his Lancaster heritage, his being born with plain light skin and green eyes is a miracle in and of itself.


ciyrose said...

Wow...Sloth is cute, but he certainly got mom's big eyes, even if they are "normal". Looks like the genes certainly played nice this time. I wonder what the next baby will look like.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Sloth is adorable!! Those big green eyes are really fitting him. Maybe none of the kids will get weird skin tones...London and Aracely didn't have a kid with blue skin and Joey and Trinity didn't have any green kids!