Monday, January 30, 2012

Beesly 13: Round 9


Yes, believe it or not we've reached the 13th lot in the Beesly family. This one belongs to Angela Beesly and her fiancee, Boq Mendoza.  

 Hi Boq!

Boq: Hey, you got my name right!

It's easier now that you're not living with your father. You two look identical.


 Oh, this is a great way to start the week...


 Well, Boq's LTW is to have 20 pet best friends, so I guess his career doesn't matter.

Angela's is to earn $100,000...probably won't happen with the science career alone, but I've got a plan.


And now we've got relatives in awkward formal attire...must be wedding time! 

Nothing says you're entering adulthood like getting into a pillow fight with your twin sister on your wedding day...


 Hmm...Boq's outfit is a little odd but all things considered, it's not the strangest wedding attire I've seen.



 So how was the rest of the party?

Boq: Ok. Nothing too exciting.

Angela: We were kind of waiting for the party to end for the excitement to start...

Point taken. I'll be admiring the lovely paint job on the living room walls...


 Um, let's get help...



Congratulations, Angela!

Angela: Thanks...but I kind of feel like I didn't do anything.


 Ow! That looks incredibly painful.

Angela: It's not too bad. I'll just change outfits when I get back from work.

Um, shouldn't you be staying home?

Angela: Well, the car's already outside. I might as well go.


Um, let's inform... 

Wait, so steal was the right answer? When is stealing ever the right answer?

Don't get too upset, Angela.

Angela: But now it will be two whole days until I get another shot...

Make that one whole day.


Or no more days. It's baby time!

 Just one more...

 It's a girl!

Angela: Yup! We're naming her Athena.

 Is it strange that Athena looks more like a member of Angela's family than Angela does? Blended skin, with Jenna's black hair, plus Boq's blue eyes.

 You don't look too thrilled, Boq.

Boq: Oh, I'm happy about the promotion. But that kid stole my newspaper.

That happened 5 hours ago, while you were at work. And you never read the newspaper.

 See, I told you it would work out!

 I guess nobody stole your newspaper today.

Boq: Nope. And I finally earned my career reward.

 Perfect timing for that camera. Happy birthday, dear Athena...

 Ok, now I see the Mendoza influence.

 Wow, I'm surprised she sat still for that.

Angela: I am too.

 Angela: Come on, can do it...

You know, I just thought of something...that stuff is called "smart milk". How does that help them learn to walk? Walking isn't really a product of intelligence; it's a physical ability that comes from her legs being strong enough to...

Angela: You're not helping.


 Alright, I'm going to go ahead and get out of here before I start over-analyzing anything else. I'll see you all next round!

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Ok, now all of the posts should be fixed. Since I played this lot a long time ago, I don't really remember much other than what the pictures show. It think this house's naming theme should be pretty obvious.


ciyrose said...

Aww...a new baby! The wedding attire certainly wasn't that bad. I have certainly seem MUCH worse combos. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to complain, because I love you prosperity, but this entry (and Snapple Vega's house) cut off for me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Same here! All the entires after Violin and Virgo's house are cut off for me too! It disappointing, because I love your prosperity!