Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beesly 3: Round 7

Note: Pay no attention to the labeling of the picture. The new guy in the house is named Destin, not Danton. I've been getting those two mixed up since they got here.

Last round, Joshua and Ashley Beesly continued raising their youngest children, twins Rainn and Jenna. Both of them grew to teens and prepared for college. Meanwhile, Joshua finally got married to Ashley-after raising four children with her first. Now Jenna has moved back from college with her fiancee, Destin Holiday.

And the first thing you do is pick oranges...

Jenna: What? I want to make sure we have plenty of healthy food.

Ok, but I think you guys should be heading to the town chapel right about now...

Jenna: Oh we're not going to the chapel for our wedding.

Then where are you going?

Oh, the park! I forgot about this place.

And right after the wedding you start digging through the sand.

Jenna: I'm trying to see if I can find something!

Why? You guys have plenty of money!

Jenna: I think I sunbathed a bit too long.

Uh-oh...I think it's time we headed home.

Well, that was a fun evening.

Jenna: Except for the sunburn part.

Um, do you guys want me to leave now?

Destin: That would be nice.

Ashley: So are you all ready for your first day of work?

Destin: I am, but Jenna's been really nervous. She says that her stomach's been bothering her.

Something tells me that isn't from nerves...

Jenna: Looks like I won't be going to work for awhile...

Only in this universe could you get paid maternity leave before ever showing up to your job.

Let's report!


Nice job, Destin.

Destin:, who's this guy?

What guy...oh...

Roger: Hi, I'm Roger. I'm your niece July's husband. Um, this may seem kind of awkward but...the mysterious voice told me to come and visit you.

Oh, hi Roger. Glad you could make it. Come on in, there's something I want to show you.

Ashley: Sure, just invite people into my house...

You'll be interested in this too, Ashley.

Roger: This is a nice house...but what am I looking at?

Well, if I could direct your attention to the huge shelf of photos right behind you...

Should I know these people?

Well...they are your kids.

Roger: No...they're not. I only have one kid-November.

Yeah, you only have one kid here. But don't you remember your kids from before you came here?

Roger: No. When we first got here me, Mark, and Maureen were all living with our mom and dad. Mark and Maureen still are. How could I have kids?

I don't quite understand it all either, Roger. But trust me. These are your kids.

Roger: I...I have to go talk to July about this.

Ashley: So wait a minute. If these are his kids from before he came here, why are the pictures in my house?

Well, because before my old town got wiped out-or so I thought-this was Roger's house.

Ashley: He's not getting it back!

That's not what I meant, Ashley.

Looks like things are moving along...

Jenna: Yup. It's any minute now.

Um...let's send Sally.


Sorry, Destin.

Destin: That's ok. I'm sure things will get better.

Wow, you weren't kidding, were you?

Destin: Nope.


And it looks like we've got another "natural" childbirth going on...

Jenna: At least it's not snowing...

Of course...


Jenna: It's a girl! Meet Angela!

Jenna: We're not quite done yet...

Jenna: We have another girl! Meet Mindy!

Two girls! Great! Let me get some close-ups.

Looks like Angela's got her mom's hair and eyes but her dad's skin...

And Mindy has her mom's hair and skin but brown eyes.

Wow, you've had a good week Destin.

Destin: Yup.

You're really not the talkative type, are you?

Destin: Nope.

Uh-oh...there's only one thing this could mean...

Let's dress for spirit day!

Wow, another promotion for Destin!


Destin: Thanks!

Happy birthday, dear Angela...

And you can tell she's the daughter of a Holiday.

Happy birthday, dear Mindy...

And she looks almost exactly like her mom.

Gave the little one a makeover, I see.

Destin: That Hawiian dress was not cutting it in the winter.

Destin: Can you say "bear"?

Mindy: Bear!

Wow, she's smart.

Congratulations, Jenna. But something tells me you won't be going back to work for awhile.

Jenna: Really? Why?

Oh, just a hunch, really.

Jenna: Come on, Mindy. You can do it...

Angela: Mama!

Jenna: Mama's tired right now, honey. Why don't we go take a nap?

Hey, you know what I just realized? We haven't heard from your dad all week.

Jenna: Oh, well he's still around. I don't think he's entirely comfortable with all this little girl stuff, you know? He had three boys before me.

That's true.

What are you doing, Mindy?

Mindy: Puppy!

Playing with a pretend pet...something tells me that there's a furry creature in this family's future.

Although that may have to wait just a little while.

Well, that about wraps up the week. I'm going to head out. Something tells me that these two have their work cut out for them.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So I really didn't intend to ignore Joshua for this entire week! He just didn' much. It's really no surprise that Jenna had twins-it's been awhile since the last set and Jenna's a twin herself. But there was no cheesecake involved, I swear. And yes, the people in the photographs are Roger's real family from Tranquility Acres.


Rachel said...

A beach wedding! I need a park like that. I loved their bed too!

ciyrose said...

The twins are adorable, as always...and you can tell them apart, which is great. Their bed is incredible! I loved the beach wedding.