Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beesly 4: Round 7

Last round, April and Corey Beesly's daughter Arizona grew into a teen. She immediately began working on her skills as well as building up her gardening badge. She went on a couple of dates, but hit it off the best with England Vega. Unfortunately, that occurred while she was already on a date with Roger Larson, and a few jealous reactions occurred.

What guys don't wast any time, do you?

Congratulations, guys. I must admit, I'm a little sad though. I was there when you guys were born...

Corey: We're just elders. We're not dead yet.

Well, anyway, we have to get to the park for Arizona and England's wedding.

Oh, least they're fashion disasters together.

What a lovely ceremony.

England: So, this room

Arizona: Yeah, it was my bedroom when I was a kid.

England: You think we're going to be able to redecorate?

Arizona: Sure, we'll redecorate eventually.

Still plugging away at that garden, huh?

Arizona: Yeah. This time we're growing strawberries.

Let's hope you actually get to keep the fruit this time.

Man, this family has the worst luck! And of course they don't have an alarm...

Arizona: He took my rug!

Man, the robbers in this town are obsessed with area rugs. That's all they ever seem to take.

England: Maybe it's a sign that we should redecorate...

I think Arizona has bigger problems right now...

Arizona: Do you think we could get a better bathtub? One that doesn't break?

I'll put it on my list.

Baby on the way?

Arizona: I guess so.

Congratulations, England!

England: Thanks.

Aww, what a good husband.

Man, maybe you guys do need some new plumbing...

England: You don't say?

Looks like I have other things to attend to first, though.

It's baby time!


Arizona: It's a boy! Meet baby Connecticut!

Great. Let me get a close-up...

You can tell he's a Vega already...

Let's see if England has better luck than Corey...let's go with the door.

Bad chance card luck must run in this family.

Looks like it didn't matter anyway, though. Congratuations.

Wow, way to go Arizona!

Arizona: Thanks!

Happy birthday, dear Connecticut...

Aww, he got his mom's pointed ears!

Arizona: Come on, Connecticut...put one foot in front of th other...

I'll resist the urge to sing.

Arizona: Um, ok.

England: Can you say bear?

Connecticut: No!

You keep working at that...

Connecticut: Mama!

He sure is a cute little guy, isn't he?

Arizona: I can take him, Mom.

April: Nonsense. I want to bond with my grandson.

Arizona: Actually, that wouldn't be such a bad idea...

Something tells me baby number 2 is on the way!

England: So, you're not from this town either, right?

Riley: Nope.

England: Do you have any memory of how you got here?

Riley: Hmm...maybe we swam!

Yeah, you guys keep discussing that. I have to be on my way. I'll see you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Not too eventful, I know. The mysterious voice's real life has been getting rather crazy. But don't worry-as I've been telling myself over and over again, my winter break will come.


Rachel said...

Reading most of your blog in one day it's pretty weird to watch sims who were kids this morning grow to elders now.

Connecticut definitely looks like a Vega.