Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Caligula 1: Round 7

Last round, Paris Caligula returned from college with her love interest, Kentucky Beesly, in tow. Paris was chomping at the bit to get married, but Kentucky managed to avoid the topic when the two of them ended up on opposite work schedules. Somehow Paris became pregnant, and gave birth to a son named Toronto. With Paris back at work, Kentucky began to fill his days with romantic encounters with townies. Meanwhile, Paris's parents Matthew and Kalliope began to worry about their daughter's situation.

So...finally sent Marisa home?

Kentucky: Nah, she's still in the hot tub.

Shouldn't Paris be home by now?

Kentucky: Oh, she is.

And she didn't notice the strange woman in the hot tub?

Kentucky: Nah...she's pretty busy with Toronto and making dinner and all that.

I can see that...

Paris: Oh, no...stupid stove!

Step away from the fire, Paris!

Baby number 2 is on the way!

Paris: And we're still not married...

Paris: Soon you'll have a new little brother or sister!

And hopefully it will be the latter so we don't have to add any more kids into this situation...

As I was saying...

Marisa: What were you doing kissing her? I thought you loved me!

Kentucky: I do love you...just in a different way.

Yeah, you know, the "homewrecking mistress" kind of way.

Kentucky: Shut up, mysterious voice!

Marisa: I don't have to take this! I'm out of here!

See you around, Marisa...

Kentucky: Wait! We can work it out!

Trust me, no you can't.

Kentucky: What? What do you want?

I don't know, maybe a little interaction from his father?

Kentucky: What? I interact with him!

Sure you do.

Happy birthday dear Toronto...and look, everybody stayed for the party-even Marisa.

You're a very handsome young man, Toronto.

Toronto: Thanks, mysterious voice!

And what would a party be without a fire?

Kentucky: You set the stove on fire again?

Hey, I don't see you trying to cook, Kentucky.

Story time?

Paris: I have a lot more time to spend with him now that I'm on maternity leave.

Toronto: Mom, how can our town have so many mayors?

Paris: Well, because they've all been promoted that high.

Toronto: So who's really in charge then?

That would be me.

It's baby time!

Paris: It's a girl! Meet baby Madrid!

So whose room did she take over?

Paris: No ones. We added on to the house.

Let's see...she got her dad's skin. Can't tell where she got the brown hair from.

Toronto: I got an A+!

Of course you did. The baby was born. Like clockwork, I tell you...

Paris: Toronto, meet your new baby sister, Madrid.

Toronto: Hi, Madrid!

Happy birthday, dear Madrid...

She'll need a trip to the mirror, but she's still adorable.

Oh, there you are Kalliope. I was starting to worry that we lost you guys.

Kalliope: No, we're still around. Though I do worry about what Kentucky will do...

Not to mention what he's already done.

Kalliope: I know. I saw him out back with that Marisa in the hot tub. I've been trying to find a moment to confront him about it but Paris is always in the room, and I don't want to do it in front of her. And now she always has Madrid with her, and I don't want to start a fight in front of the kids.

Kentucky: So, um, we have a girl so we're done now, right?

Paris: Well, I guess so. I mean, I always imagined having more...

Kentucky: But why? We have a girl, she's the youngest, we should be done.

Actually, the town is getting kind of overpopulated so I'm going to be taking Kentucky's side on this argument.

Kentucky: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Yeah, don't get to used to it.

Paris: What are you doing?

Kentucky: Teaching her to walk.


Paris: I can do it if you don't want to...

Kentucky: No...I don't understand it either but I suddenly had this desire to teach her to walk.


Kentucky: You know, she is kind of cute.

Wow, you're getting tall, Madrid.

Madrid: Big girl!

Hey, look. London came by.

London: This pool is awesome! Why didn't we have this when I lived at home?

You guys didn't have as much money then. Anyway, what are you doing here?

London: Well, it's Madrid's birthday tonight. But I also wanted to check on Paris.

Matthew: I'm so glad you stopped by, son.

London: So how's Paris doing?

Matthew: She doesn't know a thing. I want to tell her, but I can't bear to break her heart.

London: I know. I admire you for letting that creep live under your roof.

Matthew: Well he is the father of my grandchildren.

Happy birthday, dear Madrid...again...

Well, we'll have to change your hair back. But you're still a very pretty young lady.

Madrid: Thanks!

And so Madrid spends her first night in a big-girl bed. And that brings us to the end of the week! See you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I was planning on having more drama happen this round, but there was just too much else to keep track of. And Kentucky really did spin up a want to teach Madrid to walk. It was very random.


Rachel said...

Bad Kentucky, again, bad!

Best line "the 'homewrecking mistress' kind of way." Very funny!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you use any African Cities as names? I use them in my game for my little Sim Girls. I have three African names: Kimberley (WITH en 'E'), Rosetta, and Alexandria.

Anonymous said...

Madrid's a cutie all right. And is that a pair of pointy ears I see?