Friday, July 23, 2010

Scott 1: Round 9

Welcome to a brand new round in Tranquility Bay! As always, we begin with the Scott house. Last round, Tangerine kept working on her lifetime want of owning five top-level businesses. She achieved her first top-level business with her furniture store, and added a bakery to her empire. Her eldest daughter, Topanga, was forced to help out after becoming a teenager but showed little interest. Soon, Tangerine found herself pregnant with her third child while her second child, Alan, grew from toddler to school-age. At the end of the week, Tranquility Bay founder Emily died of old age.

Hello, all.

Tangerine: Hi, mysterious voice.

Jack: Yeah, hi. All I'm saying is, maybe if you just took up a regular job for a little while...

Tangerine: I don't have time for that! I have an empire to run.

An empire that loses, on average, $5,000 per day.

Tangerine: All businesses lose money in the beginning.

The furniture store has been around for awhile, though...

Whoa! What happened to you, Tracie?

Tracie: Well, I was here at the bakery browsing some of those berry pies, when a water balloon fight broke out...and then a thunderstorm came.

And the thunder wasn't a cue for you to get inside?

I'm guessing you're not shopping for baby clothes.

Tangerine: Nope! Real estate!


A restaurant?

Tangerine: Yup! I figured, since I've already got the food service thing down with the bakery I might as well open up a real restaurant. It will take awhile to get up and running, but at least the location's secured.

Looks like Jack's back on top. Good thing, too, what with three commercial lots...

Jack: Three? I thought we only had two.

You'd better go talk to your wife.

Shouldn't you be down at the restaurant? Or the bakery? Or the store?

Tangerine: Probably. But I can't leave the lot when I'm pregnant.

I see...

Oh, and there are the other two members of the family.

Alan: Wow, Grandpa! You're really good.

Happy birthday, Smokey!

Alan: I got an A+!

Great job, Alan!

Looks like the class of Round 9 is getting to know each other. What a colorful bunch.

And even though I missed the labor's baby time!


Tangerine: (sigh) We've got another boy.

Don't sound so thrilled. What's his name?

Tangerine: Eh, I guess we'll call him George.

Well, he looks just like his mom...maybe that will make her like him a little more.


Tangerine: It's food poisoning.


Food poisoning?

Tangerine: Argh! Why does this keep happening? I have an empire to run here!

Man, Lawrence has been super affectionate with Alan this week...


Bye, Lawrence!

And it's so nice that George's first memory is of inheriting money from his grandfather. Anyway, happy birthday, dear George...

Yup, just like his mom. That kid's all Halpert.

Tangerine: Eh, I don't see it.

Are you kidding? Do I need to get Kumquat over here to compare?

Oh, looks like it was Alan's birthday too. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Alan: I want to know everything!

For those of you keeping count, that's 1 knowledge sim for round 9.

Alan: Who would be keeping count?

Never mind.


Tangerine: Just a hobby I took up while I'm stuck in the house. I'm thinking after the restaurant gets off the ground...

Can't you ever just live in the moment?

See? Pretty hard to plan two businesses ahead right now, isn't it?

One more...


Tangerine: It's a girl!

Phew! We have an heiress. What's her name?

Tangerine: We'll call her Morgan.

And Morgan's all her dad...although I guess the brown hair could come from either one.

And Alan's got an easy lifetime want!

Hi, Apple! What are you guys doing here?

Apple: Oh, Shawn and I just thought we'd drop by...

Multi-generational Smustle dance...looks like a good time.

Happy birthday dear Morgan...

And George...

And Morgan is a Scott through and through...

Tangerine: Are you kidding? She's all me.

Uh-huh...sure she is, Tangerine.

And George is still the spitting image of his uncle Kumquat.

And the last thing before I head out...scholarship time! Looks like Alan didn't do half bad.

And after Morgan's makeover, I think it's time I went on my way. Bye, Scotts! See you in round 10! (I can't believe I just typed that...)

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Round 9 begins! I meant to spend more of this week at Tangerine's businesses, but with her being pregnant for all but the last 2 days, it didn't really work out that way. This house is one of the most fun to play genetics-wise. I think Morgan is going to grow up looking just like Topanga.


Paige said...

Sad to see Lawrence go. But I was happy to see an heiress! And she's a cutie. (:

Rachel said...

This whole needing an heiress sure doesn't help the population control. Bye Lawrence. I think seeing original sims go is the hardest part in the later rounds.

K said...

You should do ROS!

Anonymous said...

Morgan is ADORABLE! Definetly a Scott! I think the most distinguishing feature that marks her as a Scott is the shape of her eyes. Lawrence was lucky enough to pass his eye shape to all his sons.