Saturday, January 31, 2015

Halpert 6: Round 10

Last round, Zoe and Zyrtec continued to raise their son, Tiger, from a toddler to a child. Zoe also gave birth to a second son, Panther, who had grown to a toddler by the end of the week, and a baby girl named Cheetah. Meanwhile, Zyrtec adopted a puppy named Timber and continued to chase his dream of having 50 Dream Dates.

Huh...I guess I never got Zyrtec a job.

Hi, Zoe...

Zoe: Is that all you have to say?

What did I forget now?

Zoe: You skipped us again.

No I didn't....

Zoe: Yes you did. Last time you came here before the Rosada's house.

Oh, no...that's the second time on this street. Sorry, Zoe. I swear when this round is done I'm writing numbers on the map...

Enjoying your new little brother?

Tiger: He's more fun now that he's big enough to play with.

Well, it looks like he's getting a little bigger. Happy birthday, dear Panther...

...And Cheetah...

Wow, and she even has a nice hairstyle...wait, where did Panther go?

Panther! You can't eat the cake until I get a picture of you! Actually, I never noticed this before but...that's a huge slice of cake! No wonder kids never sleep the night of their birthday.

So I'm guessing the dating thing is on hold for right now?

Zyrtec: Well, we can usually squeeze one in between when I get home and when Zoe goes to work.

Yeah, I guess you working days and her working nights makes that hard.

Zyrtec: Yeah, it works out with the kids, though.

Panther: Today's your birthday, Timber!

It is?

Ah, so it is. At least he's more normal looking than Luna next door.

Looks like it's not just the dog's birthday. Happy birthday, dear Tiger...

Not bad, though I don't love the shorts. Have you chosen an aspiration yet?

Tiger: I want a life of romance!

Ugh...if I didn't know better I'd swear they saved it for the end of each class...

Congrats, Zoe!

Zoe: Thanks! I'm just glad I get a new outfit now.

Yeah, me too.

Um, Panther? It's 9:15...why are you still here?

Panther: I already went to school yesterday. I don't want to go again.

Um, hate to disappoint you, but you kind of have to go every day.

Panther: Well, too bad. The bus already left.

Fortunately, you guys have a car.

Zoe: You're just lucky I'm home during the day. You would have been in big trouble if your father and I were both gone.

Um, Zoe? Who's watching Cheetah?

Zoe: I had to call a nanny...which means Panther's going to be even later since we had to wait for her to show up.

Happy birthday, dear Cheetah...

Man, Zyrtec's genes are strong...

Um, care to explain?

Zoe: Well, it's not like we planned this, but when you go on as many dates as Zyrtec and I really is the best way to get to dream date, you know?

Yeah, I know. I'm getting kind of sick of this 50 Dream Date want producing all these unplanned children.

Oh, even better. I guess Tiger's going to be doing a lot of gardening...or maybe he can just go to the community lot where Sea Beesly has her wishing well...

Zoe: So, you're not angry?

Zyrtec: No! Why would I be angry? A bit surprised, sure...

Cheetah: Good doggy! 

Glad to see somebody's paying attention to the dog.

Um...Zyrtec? Any reason you're reading to Panther on the front lawn?

Zyrtec: Because it's a beautiful day!

So are you two ready for the new baby?

Panther: Yeah. I hope it's a boy.

Cheetah: Me too.

Panther: Why?

Cheetah: I don't want to have to share my room.

Zyrtec: How was your day here?

Zoe: I have the worst headache...this pregnancy better end soon.

I don't think a headache is the worst of Zoe's problems anymore. It's baby time!

No twin genes here...

And I see another boy! Looks like Cheetah got her wish!

Zoe: Let's call him Lion!

So you don't mind having the baby in your room, Tiger?

Tiger: Why would I? I'm going to college soon, anyway.

Oh, right...speaking of that...

Tiger, meet Centi.

Glad to see you approve. Let the battle of the skin tones begin...

Nice job with the scholarships too, Tiger

Tiger: Thanks!

And now it's time for me to be on my way. I'll see Tiger at graduation, and everybody else next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Ahh, Risky Woohoo strikes again. I really was not planning to have these guys have another child. Zyrtec and Zoe are closer to the 50 Dream Dates than any other couple, though. And yes, I did screw up the order of the houses from last round. For some reason once the houses turn the corner onto the next street, I loose all track of who to go to first. Next round I'm taking a screenshot of the neighborhood and putting numbers in...


ciyrose said...

I understand having trouble keeping track of what house goes first. As long as they are all played for the same amount of time it doesn't REALLY matter. :) Another risky's working over time lately.