Monday, June 4, 2012

Schrute 1: Round 10

Last round, Ross and Giselle focused all their energy on raising their two daughters, Jasmine and Aurora. Jasmine grew to a teenager and found love with Danton Holiday, while Aurora grew to a child. 

Hi, Aurora!

Aurora: Hi, mysterious voice.

How does it feel to be an only child?

Aurora: Ok, I guess.

Where are your parents?

Aurora: Upstairs. They're still asleep.

Or were still asleep, I guess. Morning, guys!

Giselle: (yawn) Morning, mysterious voice.

Since you two are still sleeping in the same bed I'm guessing things are still good between you two.

What are you reading about?

Giselle: I'm researching.


Giselle: I've been doing some thinking. I still really, really want to have 50 1st dates, but I don't want to lose Ross. I don't see any way for that to happen. Even if I date off the lot, I'd always be afraid that he would find out from somebody. 

That is quite a conundrum there.

Giselle: But if I could somehow...not want the 50 1st dates anymore...that would solve everything. 

And how would you do that, exactly?

Giselle: There's this treatment out there that supposedly can change what you want. It sounds kind of intense, but it seems to work most of the time.

Most of the time?

Giselle: Well, you know how medical treatments are. There's always somebody with strange side-effects. 

So are you making an appointment for this treatment?

Giselle: No, I'm ordering it. It's an in-home treatment.

Now, how do you know you'll end up with a...better...lifetime goal?

Giselle: Huh?

Well, right now you want 50 1st dates, which doesn't really work with being married. But what if after this treatment you want...20 lovers at once? I would think that would be worse.

Giselle: Oh...I didn't think about that. But you know, I think it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Whoa! How much did that thing cost?

Giselle: Nothing. My insurance must have covered it.

Your insurance covered that?

Giselle: So I guess I just stick my head in here...

Giselle, this really doesn't look safe...

Well, at least her new aspiration is the same as her husband's.

And she did get a better lifetime want out of the deal...

Aurora: Mommy, did you spend a lot of money on that thing?

Giselle: Oh, not at all, honey. And now Daddy and I won't fight as much.

Aurora: But you and Daddy didn't fight before...

They fought before you were born, Aurora.  

Happy birthday, dear Aurora...

Well, a new outfit is in order but otherwise not bad. Have you chosen your aspiration?

Aurora: I want knowledge.

That one seems to be an early favorite this round.

And I guess that is only fitting seeing as how your father is halfway to becoming Captain Hero.

And I guess that Aurora's not the only one chasing a new lifetime want.

Let's go with Flashbang...


Holy chance cards! Ok, let's go with Blow Whistle...

Wait, so he just decided to become Captain Hero? I wish I could decide to be promoted.

Congratulations, Ross!

Ross: Thanks.

Oh, boy...time to start the dating...

Aurora: Eddie's just a friend. I don't know why you always assume when a guy and girl are talking that they're a couple.

That was fast!

Giselle: Well, my skills were up from my last job.

Giant Robot...


Um, why are you guys playing video games at 2AM?

Aurora: Well, we're both up...

Oh,'s gypsy time...

Ok, gypsy, you did a good job on the last lot. Let's see who you come up with here...

Wow, the gypsy's 3 for 3! 

Looks like they're getting along so far...

And we've got our 3rd extra boy!

Giselle: Where's Luke?

Aurora: I think he's out back by the pool...

Giselle: But it's raining...

Luke: Mrs. Schrute? I think you'd better get out here...

Giselle: Ahh, that's ok, Luke. Just let the rain put it out.

Yes, let's continue to stand by the very flammable tree in the thunderstorm...that's very smart.

And it looks like we get to end the week on another birthday...Happy Birthday dear Ross...

...and Giselle...

Ok, a new outfit is a requirement for you.

Ross: Aww, but it's comfortable.

I promise, on New Years you can wear it again.

And a new outfit is needed for you too. 

Giselle: I actually agree with you.

And before I head out, let's get Aurora's scholarships in order. Not bad, Aurora!

Aurora: Thanks!

Ok, well, I'll see you at graduation and everybody else next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house is pretty uneventful. I know there's a penalty for using the aspiration changer, but there was no way I could see of keeping both Giselle and Ross happy with her lifetime want. I did roll again for her new one; the fact that it was popularity was a coincidence. And I have no idea where Luke came from. His last name is Potts, so I'm assuming he's related to Logan from the last house. 


Anonymous said...

Loved this family from the start!

ciyrose said...

Very nice round. Luke and Logan are brothers. They are from one of the Fellowship One families. There are 5 kids in the family. Logan and Luke are the same age and have two sisters also the same age. They also have an older brother Ryan. I am playing the family over at Fellowship 1 ( if you want to see the family :).