Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beesly 11: Round 10

Last round was mostly uneventful for the 11th iteration of the Beesly family. Younger daughter Verdana became a child, while older daughter Helvetica became a teen and prepared for college, which meant the family could finally get rid of their pyromaniac nanny.

Hi, guys!

Air: Hi, mysterious voice. So are Venice's house and ours just switched now?

Huh? Oh, guys are supposed to come first. I don't know how I've messed that up so many times.

Air: It's ok, it doesn't really matter. It's not like you missed us entirely.

Hmm...let's kick them off.


Congratulations, Adam.

Adam: Thanks. Now I'll have more time to work on my lifetime want.

Right...what was that again?

Adam: Have 20 best friends. I have a lot of almost best friends, but I haven't had time to see them much.

Happy birthday, dear Verdana...

Well, you'll need a new outfit but otherwise not bad. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Verdana: I want a lot of money.

Ok, at least it's not romance.

Um, Adam? I think Air's already your best friend. Maybe you should call up some other people.

Oh, and who is this?

Austin: Um...Austin Levinson. You come to my house too...

I know that. I was more asking what you're doing here.

Air:'re one of four kids?

Austin: Yeah. I have a twin brother, and there's a set of twin girls too. 

Adam: (whispers) I guess that must be why he's shoveling down so much food. 

Austin: What?

Air: Nothing...nothing... 

Verdana: So, what did you think of Austin?

Air: I think he's very nice. A bit on the quiet side, but he's a very nice boy.

Well, it's a good thing Air approves because it looks like Austin's going to be living here after college.

And Verdana has an easy lifetime want to boot! This house is a breeze.

Morning, Air. You're up early.

Air: My parents are dropping by today. I've got some cleaning to do.

Air: Hi, Mom! 

Monica: Hi, honey. How are the girls?

Air: Well, I haven't seen Helvetica much since she moved out. But Verdana's got her first boyfriend.

Monica: Well, lets' get the party underway, shall we?


Oh, I see. Happy birthday, dear Adam...

Hmm...I think a new outfit is in order.

Happy birthday dear Air...

Yours isn't so bad.

Monica: Thanks.

Ok, before I head out let's check how Verdana did with scholarships. Looks like she did pretty well.

Verdana: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Alright, time for me to be on my way. Verdana, I'll see you at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you nest round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Pretty uneventful lot, I know. The weeks where the last child is a teen are always that way. However, the next lot in the list is the Mendoza twins Glinda and Nessa. Time to find out why Glinda went nuts a few lots back.


ciyrose said...

They may not make the most interesting reading, but I like quite families once in awhile.