Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tranquility Bay Holiday Special 2014

Hi, everyone. It's your friendly mysterious voice here, along with all the citizens of Tranquility least, I think it's all of them. These guys get harder to pose every year. Ok, everybody should know the drill by now. Those of you with toddlers, please get in front or hold them so they are visible. Those of you with of luck.

Unknown Voice: How long do we have to stand here? It's really crowded.

Long enough so we can wish all the nice people out there a happy holiday season. And if you guys would stop reproducing like bunnies then maybe it wouldn't be so crowded around here. (And maybe we wouldn't be taking seven years and counting to get through five generations...)

Unknown Voice 2: Do you make the people in your other town do this?

What other town?

Unknown Voice 2: The place you send Tracie to.

...You guys know about that? That was supposed to be a secret mission, Tracie.

Tracie: You of all people should know how fast word travels around here.

Unknown Child: I want to go on the next secret mission!

Unknown Child 2: No, me!

Ok, well, since you all know...that mission was kind of a bust. 

Tracie: I figured when you didn't take me back there...but isn't there supposed to be another new world?

What guys know about that too?

(Nods in Unison)

Ok, look. There will be plenty of time to go into detail about that later. When I'm at your houses.

Unknown Voice: Oh, great. By the time we find out there'll probably be a third new world.

I promise I'll get there faster. But for now, can you please just wish everyone a happy holiday?

Everyone: Happy Holidays from Tranquility Bay!

Great! Ok, everyone. You can all go home. Let's, next up is Fiyero's and Sarima's families, right? I'll be right behind you.


Ok, so it's not the best photoshop job I've ever done. You'll also notice that some of the town citizens are labeled, some are not, and some might be missing. I didn't have time this year to open up the game and take new screenshots, so I used the ending shots from each lot's last round. If the names went across the Sims' bodies, I couldn't erase them. And if for some reason that picture wasn't saved in the lot's folder, they didn't make it in. 

This week is not only the week of Christmas, but it's also the seventh anniversary of this blog. I began Tranquility Bay just before New Years Eve back in 2007. At this point, these Sims have been a part of my life longer than many of my real-life friends. It's even out-lived the entire Sims 3 series! I'm really glad that there are still people out there who enjoy this blog. Rest assured, that even when The Sims 4 eventually (hopefully) comes to Mac in 2015 Tranquility Bay will continue on (though they may make some new, emotional friends...).