Monday, August 29, 2011

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 9

Hello, and welcome back to Sim State University for the graduation ceremony for the Class of Round 9! This graduating class was the largest in the history of Tranquility Bay, with a whopping 42-yes, you read that right, 42- graduates. As always, they will all be individually announced in alphabetical order. Get comfortable, everybody...


Allegra Beesly

Angela Beesly

Brian Beesly

Canary Beesly


Connecticut Beesly

Gemini Beesly


 Helvetica Beesly


Mindy Beesly

November Beesly


Popcorn Beesly

Virgo Beesly


Braden Caligula

Madrid Caligula


Risto Cooprider

Connor Dawn


Abby Halpert


Flint Halpert


Strawberry Halpert


Danton Holiday

Jazz Holiday

Brenden Lancaster


William Lancaster

Mark Larson


Ginger Levinson


Nutmeg Levinson


Drum Martin


Harmonica Martin
(See, I told you her eyes would go back to normal...) 

Violin Martin

Boq Mendoza


Emerald Mendoza


Fern Mendoza

Melena Mendoza


Elmer Miguel


Jasmine Schrute


Alan Scott

Meter Vega


Snapple Vega


Ash Warner

Bay Warner


Island Warner

Maple Warner


Sea Warner

Whew! That concludes the announcement of the graduates. Now onto the second part of our ceremony: the rundown of who's leaving with who! 


Island Warner and Meter Vega: New house


Harmonica Martin and Ash Warner: New House


Abby Halpert and Maple Warner: Moving Back with Abby's Parents


Ginger Levinson and Alan Scott: New House


Mindy Beesly and Drum Martin: New House


Strawberry Halpert and Nutmeg Levinson: New House


Madrid Caligula and Mark Larson: Moving Back in with Madrid's Parents


Bay Warner and Brenden Lancaster: New House


Popcorn Beesly and William Lancaster: New House

Jasmine Schrute and Danton Holiday: New House


Helvetica Beesly and Jazz Holiday: New House


Canary Beesly and Connor Dawn: Moving Back in with Canary's Parents


Emerald Mendoza and Risto Cooprider: New House


Snapple Vega and Braden Caligula: New House


Sea Warner and Brian Beesly: Moving Back in with Sea's Parents


Angela Beesly and Boq Mendoza: New House


Gemini Beesly and Elmer Miguel: Moving Back in with Gemini's Parents


Melena Mendoza and November Beesly: Moving Back in with Melena's Parents

Fern Mendoza and Connecticut Beesly: New House


Violin Martin and Virgo Beesly: New House


Allegra Beelsy and Flint Halpert: Moving Back in with Allegra's Parents

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the end of the graduation ceremony. If you were paying attention, no doubt you noticed that we've got 14 new houses to get set up. Looks like this mysterious voice has her work cut out for her! Please help yourself to refreshments on the way out, and stay tuned for the second half of round 9! 


Abby said...

Wow! Now THAT is a lot of graduates!!!!

I'm glad that Strawberry and Nutmeg stayed together despite the gypsy trying to break them up!

ciyrose said...

WOW. That was a lot of graduates. Angela Beesly sure is a beauty. I can barely remember half of these kids in the's getting so big. There are a ton of Beeslys though.

Anonymous said...

Those Beesly genes are still going strong... really sharp cheekbones.