Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rosada 2: Round 9


 Last round, Ariana Rosada moved in with Mountain Holiday after the pair completed college. They were quickly married, and gave birth to a daughter, Venus.


Hi, guys!

Mountain: Hi mysterious, do you have any clue about why she's glowing?
Did you give her smart milk?
Mountain: Yeah, but...that was last night before we put her to bed. Why is she still glowing now?

Venus: Bottle!

 It seems to have helped her learn to talk, regardless...


Nice job, but...isn't it your lifetime want to be the education minister?

Ariana: Yeah, but that one hasn't come up yet. May as well get as far as I can in law enforcement while I'm waiting.


Ariana: Are you sure you didn't give her any more of that milk?

Mountain: I'm sure. We only gave her that one bottle.

She's still glowing?

Mountain: Yes! It's been a good 48 hours now-still glowing.

Yes! Ariana's in her dream career! 


 You weren't kidding about her still glowing...

Mountain: I'm beginning to get worried...

I wouldn't be too concerned. Smart milk is a good thing...

 And anyway, I'm sure she'll stop glowing once she grows up...Happy Birthday, dear Venus...


 Wow, you look just like your mom!

Venus: I know. I think it's because we share our skin color, eye color, and hair color and style. Our facial features are also very similar.

Quite verbose for someone who was in diapers five minutes ago...

 All ready for the first day of school, I see.

Venus: Well, yes. But I don't think I'll be going to school today. I've been monitoring the weather and it seems there is a rather large storm system making its way up the coast. Given the drop in temperature, I think the system will produce enough snow as to make the roads impassible to school buses.

So, you're saying you think there will be a snow day.

Venus: Yes.

Well, it's 10 am and you're still home. I guess you were right.

Venus: I knew I would be. This type of weather pattern is very predictable.

Isn't this your first winter?

Venus: Oh, that reminds me. I want to go outside and play in the snow.

Venus: This snow is much too fine and's barely adhering at all.

Looks like a fine snowman to me...

Nice going, Ariana!

 Ariana: Thanks!

Venus, what are you doing up? Your parents aren't even awake yet.

 Venus: Oh, I just thought I'd catch up on some reading before school.

Looks like you'll have time to do more than catch up, Venus.

 Venus: Actually, this is the last book in the case. I've read them all.

Maybe that glowing milk has more of an impact than I thought...

 Now, how exactly do you have to go to work when she doesn't have to go to school?

Ariana: I teach in another district. This was a very local storm.

I see...

Dress for Spirit Day...


Nice job!

Ariana: Thanks. I think Venus was really eager for me to get this promotion.

What are you two up to?

Venus: Mom and I are having a skilling race with her new bookshelf.

Ahh, so this is why you were so excited for her promotion.

Venus: Yes. We're both studying logic. I'm two points ahead.



Back at the chessboard to show that logic skill off?

Venus: Oh, I was able to beat Dad before I got my skill up.

Mountain: I've never beaten her. Not once.

 Let's go with pro-control...

Oops. At least she gets to keep the bookshelf.

 It's ok, Ariana. You'll earn the promotion back...

Ariana: Oh, it's not that. There was a wolf over there and it barked at me.

Oh, right! I almost forgot about Mountain's job! Nice going, Mountain!

Mountain: Thanks!

Mountain: I just hope that she's going to be able to make friends in school. She's such a...unique kid.

Ariana: You're such a good father...

Oh, no...and these guys don't have an alarm.

Alright, now how does a car fit into that little bag? How?

Venus: Dad, I would really appreciate it if you and Mom would purchase an alarm system. I've been researching several on the Internet and I think I've found a few that will meet our needs and fit within the family budget.

Mountain: Um...ok, Venus. Why don't you show those to me after we finish playing with the dollhouse?


So you guys are really stopping at one child?

Mountain: We've got our heiress now.

Ariana: And Venus is a very...challenging child to raise. I don't think we should divert our attention from her right now.

Really? To me it seems like she just takes care of herself.

Mountain: Yes, but the normal kid stuff just doesn't hold her attention. I just worry that she's too curious and too smart for her own good.


And we'll end the week with you back at the chess table. Getting some practice in?

Venus: Yes, I'm working on a fabulous new strategy that will render me almost impossible to defeat.

Ok, well, you work on that, and I'll see you guys next round.

Venus: Goodbye, mysterious voice!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house went by really quickly, both to play and to blog. Venus' smart milk glow really did last for days on end, and it had a major effect on her once she became a child. Her skills rocket up to the point that she could probably reach the top of a career now. And now we've reached the last of the established houses! You know what that means-it's graduation time! Grab your "Congratulations" balloons and meet me over at Sim State!


Abby said...

The same thing happened to one of my sims! She drank smart milk one night, had her birthday, and grew up with the smart milk effect! It's kind of funny how she's still a child and is about 2 or 3 skillpoints away from maxing her skills.

Anyway, for an alien, Venus is pretty adorable! She looks just like her mother.

Can't wait for graduation!

ciyrose said...

Venus is a special child for sure. I've heard of that type of thing happening in other hoods before, where they drink the smart milk and keep the benefit after they grow up.

It's a nice onto graduation!

Anonymous said...

I think you deleted some CC from your game. WHen I downloaded the Rosadas, Ariana came with custom green eyes.