Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rosada 1: Round 9


 Last round, the Rosadas finally joined the line-up of houses in Tranquility Bay. Pine adjusted well to family life, while Oak continued to convince himself that being in a relationship with a family Sim like Brigid wasn't completely against his nature. Both couples had a son, Colbalt for Pine and Aquamarine and Eton for Oak and Brigid. Only the former couple, though, had a wedding later in the week. Oak did, though, adopt a puppy named Luna in hopes of distracting his wife from wanting to procreate any further.

 Hi there, newlyweds!

Aquamarine: Finally! Where where you?

I know, I know. It's take me forever to get through all the houses this round....

Aquamarine: Wait? All the houses?

Um, yeah.

Aquamarine: So you don't just hang out here with us? You have to go to everybody's house?

Yeah. Didn't Pine explain to you how this works?

Aquamarine: Well, he told me that you come and go but I thought we were the only ones you visited. I thought we were special.

Well, of course you are but...

Aquamarine: I feel so insignificant!

 How's the little guy doing?

Pine: He's doing just fine. Don't worry about Aquamarine. She'll figure this whole mysterious voice thing out sooner or later.

I hope so.

 I see parenthood isn't agreeing with you quite as well as it is with your brother.

Oak: You can say that again. Why don't he stop crying?

 The cloud of stink radiating from him might be the problem.

 Pine: But Aqua, didn't you notice that every time you visited someone, she was at their house too?

Aquamarine: Well, yes. But I thought she was indecisive, not that we all had to share.

You come from a family of five sisters, and you still have sharing issues?

 You might want to work on that before you have a second child of your own.

Aquamarine: I don't look pregnant...

That's just your outfit. You are, trust me.

Let's go with Harry...didn't we do this one last week? 


 Oh, right...they have a puppy. Well, had a puppy. Now they have a very...interesting looking dog. She's like a poodle on steroids.

 Looks like she's bonded with Oak, though.

 And Colbalt is somewhere behind that mass of puffy fur.

 Happy birthday, dear Eton...

 Not bad.

Eton: Darn!


Eton: I was hoping I wouldn't be pink anymore.

Happy Birthday, dear Colbalt... 

 Again, not bad...

 Um, Oak? You've been at that piano for like 12 hours straight.

Oak: I need more creativity skills for work.

But you haven't eaten....or slept....or bathed. Plus, your son just grew up. You should go see him. But bathe first.

Oh, no. It's the revenge of the roach flu! 

 Colbalt, you should be lying down.

Colbalt: But I want to teach her a trick!

 How about teaching her to kill the roaches that made you all sick?

 Ok, going out in the snow isn't going to help you get better either.

Eton: Maybe if I get cold enough I'll turn blue like you are!

No, then you'll just turn purple and the social worker will take you away. 

 Congratulations, Brigid!

Brigid: Thanks!

See? Told you she was pregnant. 

No twin genes yet, though. 

 Yay! A girl!

Aquamarine: We'll call her...Cyan!


 First day back at work...let's dress for spirit day.

Huh? That one's never wrong!

 At least she has this to come home to. I wonder if she'll actually have blond hair...

Hmm, looks like Eton was able to make friends at school even with his pink skin. I wonder what they found in common...

Nice job, Pine!

Pine: Thanks!


 Equally nice job, Oak. I guess all that piano time paid off.

Oak: It sure did.

So you're pretty well-set now, right?

Oak: Yeah, I guess so.

So if Brigid had another baby...

Oak: Whoa, now. Let's not get crazy.

Having your own celebration?

Oak: Yup!

Just be careful with the fire...

 Colbalt: I got an A+! 

Great job. What about Eton?

Colbalt: Nope. Just me.

Huh, strange. Well, you did get a little sister and Eton didn't...maybe there is something to this sibling theory after all.

Colbalt: Nah. He just didn't do his homework last night.

Oh...yeah, that'll do it too.

 You're having a good week, Brigid.

Brigid: Well, now that Oak being a romance Sim is off my mind I can concentrate more.

See, Eton? Being pink helps you make friends...especially with girls. There's going to be some stiff competition for Milli...


 Happy birthday, dear Cyan...

 Aww, she looks just like her aunt Willow!


 That's a pretty intricate hairstyle to maintain on a toddler...

Aquamarine: What do you care? You can just go see one of the other houses when it's time to put her hair up.

Obviously she has yet to figure the mysterious voice thing out.

And let the teaching know, that smart milk glow sets off her skin really well.



Abigail said...

What a colorful family! Colbalt grew up well, and his baby sister Cyan is adorable! She looks just like her mom. And wow! I just noticed that Eton has no eyebrows!

ciyrose said...

Luna is quite a The kids are all cute, hopefully Oak will come around some, and Aquamarine will figure out the voice. :)