Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Martin 2: Round 8

Last round Kumquat and Mandolin rapidly expanded their family from four to six with the arrival of twin girls, Isabella and Alice. After a bit of a bumpy start that required them to change houses mid-week, the week ended on a good note when Kumquat achieved his lifetime want of becoming "the law".

Ok, you two are just too adorable.

Isabella: Do you like our new clothes?

I do.

I'm going to leave these two alone and go try to find the rest of the family...

Hey, Mandolin.

Mandolin: ...Hey...mysterious...voice...

I'll let you finish up.

Emmett: (burp)

Alice: That's so funny!

You know, you could try saying something into that and get yourself some skill points.

Emmett: That's no fun!

Isabella: I got an A+!

(holds applause for other twin...)

Isabella: But Alice didn't get one!


Alice: No, I just got a B+.

Hey, a B+ is still good.

And the nanny is setting out a healthy after-school snack of...

Nanny: Jell-o! Nothing better for the kids than Jell-o.

I can think of some better options.

Way to go, Mandolin!

Mandolin: Thanks.

You look a little tired...

Mandolin: I am. I think I worked out too hard.

Who you calling, Kumquat?

Kumquat: Just a little surprise.

A vacation? Awesome!

Uh-oh...being sick on vacation is never fun.

Kumquat: Let's see...we're going to need 3 rooms that sleep 2 each...

That's going to be pretty pricey, Kumquat.

Kumquat: Oh, that's ok. How often do we go on vacation, anyway?

In this town...about once a lifetime.

Isabella: Wow, Mommy. That's so cool!

Alice: I want to go swimming!

Emmett: Me too!

What do you think of the ocean, Isabella?

Isabella: It's a little cold.

Just stay in. You'll get used to it.

Isabella: Maybe we can find some buried treasure in the sand.

Alice: I want to learn to do the hula!

Kumquat: So I think this vacation was a good idea.

Mandolin: ...Huh? Sorry, I dozed off there.

It's a good thing she's getting some rest in.

Isabella: Ow!

Careful, Isabella.

Ok, on to day 2! Where are we today?

Isabella: We're playing on a big pirate ship!

Doing some shopping?

Mandolin: I'm buying some jewelery for the girls.

Hula Lady: And this is how you say hello on the's called "hang loose"

Alice: Cool!

Isabella: Look how high up I am!


Alice: Argh! I'm the captain of the pirate ship!

Mandolin: Come on, kids! It's time to go to the next place!

Now where are we?

Alice: The monkey ruins! Mommy said we had to do something educational.

Emmett: I'm gonna splash you!

Alice: Hey!

Ok, enough educational time. Let's get these kids back to the beach.

Emmett: I'm going to build a sandcastle.

Alice: Can I help?

Emmett: ...Ok.

This trip is helping them bond, at least.

Well, I think this has been a very successful vacation.

I guess we're going on a tour before we go...let's join up.

Nice! But now it's time to head home.

You seem relaxed.

Kumquat: I am. That vacation was just what we needed.

The one good thing about having this many kids in one house is they keep each other entertained.

Kumquat? Why are you eating standing the bathroom?

Kumquat: One of the kids brought a friend home, so there are no more chairs.

I guess this had to happen eventually...happy birthday, dear Edward...

...and Emmett...

Well, the outfit can be fixed...

Same thing for you, Emmett. Have both of you chosen aspirations?

Edward: I want a life of love!


Edward: Yeah.


Edward: Yes.

(sigh) Ok. (There's always college...)

Edward: Huh?

Never mind.

Emmett: I want a life of fun!

Another one? just keep wishing on that one, Edward.

At least Emmett's is do-able.

Alice: I got an A+!

Great job!

Hmm...eating cake for dinner...the nanny must be around. You know, now that you two are teenagers you can let her go...

Emmett: I don't know, it has its benefits.

And let the dating begin!

Sarima...this could work.

Another birthday...happy birthday, dear Alice...

...and Isabella...

Well, you'll need a new outfit. But otherwise, very nice.

And same goes for you. Now, for your aspirations...

Alice: I want a life of pleasure!

Why am I not surprised?

Isabella: I want lots of friends.

Another popularity Sim. I seriously expect Big Bird to pop up and say this round has been brought to us by the letter "P"...

Isabella: Who's Big Bird?

...Never mind.

Looks like we've got a couple!

Whew! An easy lifetime want!

And Isabella's is easy too.

And let the dating continue!

Toronto...well, it would work if he wasn't already matched up with someone.

Alice's turn...

And Edward's turn...although I don't expect anything to come out of this.

Sarima...did you not notice, gypsy, that he's going steady with Emmett? Let's try again.

Edward: Maybe you didn't understand. I'll need a date who's not going steady with my brother.

Gypsy: You guys are so picky!

Alright, it's time for me to be on my way. Which means it's scholarship time for all! Nice job, Alice...

Nice job Edward...

Nice job Emmett...

And nice job Isabella!

Ok, I'll see all of you next round.

Isabella: Wait!


Isabella: You never told us which one is taking the house, me or Alice.

Um...well, your picture is on the bottom are.

Isabella: Yay!

Ok, see you next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: I really, really, didn't want these kids to grow up. I sent them on the vacation to extend their childhoods a little bit. They were all really cute together. And I do plan to re-roll Edward's aspiration in college. I know that I should separate the sims from who they're named after, but in this's just not possible for me to separate them that much. Especially since he picked the "Woo-Hoo 20 Sims" lifetime want.


Rachel said...

You actually make me want to play with Bon Voyage. I never send my sims on vacation. Great update!

ciyrose said...

What a fun vacation. I need to take a couple of my families on vacation again. I just never do it with kids...but it looked fun.