Thursday, January 14, 2010

Levinson 3: Round 8

Last round, Manhattan and Rainn were enjoying permanent platinum after reaching their respective lifetime wants. Since their daughter Dawn was an only child, they decided to liven things up with the addition of a poodle named Abbey.

...Huh? Sure, I guess so....and here I thought this lot was going to be dull.

Seriously? They named the cat Abbey too? With the same spelling?

(clears throat)

Rainn: Oh, hi mysterious voice.

Ok, fess up. Who did it?

Manhattan: Who did what?

Who bought a cat and gave it the same name as the dog?

Rainn: Well, I don't remember doing it.

Manhattan: Neither do I.

Well, that cat got here somehow. Cat's don't just materialize out of thin air.

Yeah, that's right canine Abbey! Defend your territory!

Manhattan: How did we end up with a dog and a cat?

You tell me. I had nothing to do with it.

Manhattan: But don't you usually know before we get animals?

Key word in the sentence is "usually"

Uh-oh...feline Abbey got to Dawn's does a notebook turn into that?

Dawn: Mysterious voice, the cat wrecked my homework.

It's ok, Dawn. I'm sure your teacher will understand.

Rainn: Come on, girl...shake...

You're actually teaching the animals tricks?

Rainn: Hey, I've got four days off in a row each week and on the other three I work at night. I need something to do.

How about teaching that cat to use the scratching post?

Dawn: Hi, mommy!

Manhattan: Hi, Dawn. Did you explain to your teacher about the homework?

Dawn: Uh-huh. She wasn't too mad because I always have my homework.

Happy birthday, dear Dawn...

Why does it always go to that hairstyle? Anyway, have you chosen an aspiration?

Dawn: Yup.

Dawn: I want a life of love!

(sighs) Well, I guess I could have expected it from you, having been raised by one.

That's a much better look.

Oh, hi Olivia. Didn't see you drop in.

Olivia: I couldn't miss my granddaughter's birthday.

Dawn: Hey, there. What's your name?

Don't get any ideas. You guys have enough random animals already!!!

At least her lifetime want is easy.

And let the dating begin!

(sigh) Ok, gypsy. Let's get something straight here. Toronto is taken...

Gypsy: No he's not. He's not going steady with anyone.

...Yes, because he is a romance sim...

Gypsy: As is she. I rest my case.

Let's just let this date run its course and try again, shall we?

Edward...that may work.

Looks like they hit it off.

Manhattan: Speak!

You know, the cat is kind of cute. Maybe this wasn't such a bad move...

Manhattan: Think, Rainn. One of us had to buy that cat.

Rainn: But the only pet I remember adopting is Abbey...the dog.

Manhattan: Rainn, if we're able to go out and bring home a cat without remembering, who knows what else we might do?

Relax, Manhattan. I think bringing back a random animal is pretty much the extent of it.

Let's sing...

Oh, no...that one's almost always right! Can this day get any worse?

What the....the cat is dying already? I was just starting to like the thing.

Bye, feline Abbey. You were a nice, albeit random, addition to the house!

Rainn: Yeah, hi Mango. It's Rainn Beesly. Listen, you guys didn't sell us a cat, did you?

Rainn, I think you can stop trying to solve the mystery now. The cat is dead.

Manhattan: I'm really proud of you, honey. I know you'll do great at college.

Dawn: Thanks, Mom.

And look, Rainn will be back to crashing parties for a living in no time!

Oh, and look who came over to help round out the week...

I hate to break this up, but Dawn has to go get her scholarships lined up...

Edward: I'll go with you.

Nice going, Dawn!

Edward: I'm so proud of you...

Ok, this is where I make my exit. I'll see all of you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, and I thought this lot was going to be painfully boring. I usually hate households that have two permanent platinum parents and their last, teenage child-it's like this weird limbo between generations. But this family surprised me. I have no idea where feline Abbey came from. My theory is that when the Beesly 1 family (Chandler) was at the pet store buying their second dog, Rainn must have been there and picked up a cat. Why the game saw fit to name the cat Abbey as well...I don't know. And I didn't realize that Abbey was an elder, so I wasn't expecting her to die. And yes, Edward is still going to re-roll aspirations in college despite being an almost perfect match for Dawn the way he is now...the two of them could stand to keep their hands off each other a little more.


Rachel said...

Great update! The game is strange to have given you a second Abbey in the same house. All pets adopted when you aren't playing them are elders. It's lame.