Monday, January 11, 2010

Vega 2: Round 8

Last round John and Kia finalized their plans to have their twins, Violet and Crimson, be their only children. The twins grew to teens and prepared for college while maintaining the very impressive garden John erected in the backyard.

Nice new look, Orion.

Orion: Thanks. That grass crown was getting itchy.

Huh? I thought you wanted to become "the law".

Violet: I do, but that job isn't an option today. I figure as long as I'm just waiting around, getting paid to play video games could be kind of cool.

So no late night run to the chapel?

Violet: We're having the wedding tomorrow night, here.

Oh, a home wedding! It's been a long time since we've had one of those.

Can't forget to get Orion a job too. And his dream job is actually available.

Uh-oh...rain and a fire on the wedding day. That can't be a good sign.

Looks like the weather improved by nightfall, though. Let's appreciate the moment...

Horribly Dressed Audience: Yay!

Is it strange that the teenage boy is the most appropriately dressed out of the group?

Orion:'ve grown since I saw you last.

Gemini: You mean when I was like 3? Yeah, I've grown since then.

Still hanging out in your garden, huh?

Violet: I think I'm going to grow some strawberries this week. I want to keep our juicer stocked. It makes for really easy snacks.

Nice going. I guess you're old enough to take care of the trees on your own?

Violet: Yeah. I'm still thankful for these ladybugs, though. I don't like using the big jug of poison. number 2...

Orion: It's spaghetti! How does that even catch on fire? It's cooking in water!

Trust me, it will find a way.

And right on schedule....

Violet: Well, now I get some days off I guess.

Still haven't gotten into the law career?

Violet: No. I try every day and it's just not coming up.

Just be patient. It will.

Orion, however is approaching his lifetime want at a nice pace. Way to go, Orion.

Orion: Thanks!

Like I said...way to go, Orion!

Orion: Thanks.

Violet: I'm the only one who hasn't achieved their life goal yet.

Orion: Don't worry, you will.

Violet: When? I can't even get into the right career. I feel so behind.

Maybe we shouldn't be having these emotional conversations with pointed objects in our hands...

Fire number 3...

Orion: The garden lamp? Really? The garden lamp caught fire? And why am I the only one who's around when this happens?

Um...let's go with Green.

Oops. Well, these guys are doing ok money-wise. It could be worse.

Looks like it's baby time!

Thankfully just one...

Violet: It's a boy!

Makes sense, seeing as how the last house had twin girls. What's his name?

Violet: Orange

Well, at least the kids won't be able to make up any teasing rhymes about him.

And Orion really won the war with this one, didn't he?

I'm guessing you're not that happy about this promotion...

Violet: Why won't that career track come up? Some of the other ones have come up twice!

Don't worry, it will come up.

Helping your wife out?

Orion: Everyone else around here is an amazing gardener. I figured I'd give it a try.

I'm sure Violet will appreciate the help.

Already? Happy birthday, dear Orion...

Man, did Orion win the genetic war. The kid is practically a miniature clone.

I like the new look.

Orion: Thanks. I just don't want him to have that same haircut as every other boy in town.

Violet: Can you say "bear?"

Orange: Bear

Smart little guy too.

See? It came up on the last day of the week, but it came up!

Ok, I think that's a cue for me to be on my way. I'll see you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Pretty uneventful week. It was nice to have a newlywed couple in the middle of this seemingly endless round-usually they're all at the end after the college graduation.


Rachel said...

Man Orion really did win this genetic war. You can't even tell Orange is a Vega. Maybe when he gets older. I hate when a career I want won't come up.

ciyrose said...

Orion really looks great with his new look. Very handsome.