Monday, November 1, 2010

Vega 2: Round 9


 Last round, Violet Vega moved back home after college with her fiancee Orion Beesly. The two were soon married. Orion quickly achieved his lifetime want of becoming a mad scientist, while Violet was held up from achieving her dream of becoming "The Law" when she became pregnant with their first child, Orange.

And it looks like this house has a new doggy, too. Welcome to the family, Escape. 

 And we get to start off the week with another elder birthday that seems to be coming way too soon. Happy birthday, dear Kia...

...and John...

 Kia's one of the few elder women to actually get gray hair.

Kia: I don't mind the hair, but do you think we could change my outfit?


What about you, John?

John: Same here. This shirt is weird. It's almost see-through.

So how are things with you two?

Violet: Oh, just fine.

Any plans for another new addition this week?

Orion: Well, not if you keep sticking around.

Point taken.

It seems like your first little guy is doing well, though.

Orion: He's incredibly smart. Takes after me.

Uh-huh...sure he does, Orion.


 Orion: I interrupting something?

I don't think so, Orion. Just go into the greenhouse and try to ignore them.

There's something strange about seeing you harvest strawberries in the dead of winter.

Orion: Yeah, but I'm getting really good at this whole gardening thing.

I can tell.

Nice job, Violet!

Violet: Thanks!

I can't be sure, but I think Mumble is trying to call an ambulance to fix the snowman...
 Violet: What the...

Does that face mean what I think it means?

Violet: I think I'm pregnant again!


Well, then this birthday's coming just in the nick of time, isn't it? Happy birthday, dear Orange... 

Cute little guy. Really takes after his father.

Um...let's capture.


What are you doing, Orange?

Orange: Throwing darts. 

Do you really think that's safe?

Orange: Well we don't have anything else to do around here for fun and everybody else is busy.

I guess there's no more guessing about the pregnancy thing, huh?

Violet: Nope. Number two is on the way.


 Oh, right. These guys have a wishing well. What are you wishing for, Violet?

Violet: Friends. I need a few more for my last promotion when I go back to work.

I like the new outfit, John. 

John: Yeah, it's much better than that translucent shirt I had on before.

 Oh,'s baby time!

Make that babies time. Well, Violet is a twin herself...



Violet: It's a boy! Meet Indigo!

 Violet: But I don't think we're done yet!

Violet: We've got a girl, too! Meet Ruby!

Hmm, so Indigo is pretty much a carbon-copy of his mom... 

And Ruby takes more after her dad.


 Well, capture worked on the other chance card...let's capture again.

 Wow, the grandparents have really lucked out this week.

Ok, Orion, I'm glad you want to hold your daughter after work, but that claw has to be hurting her.

Orion: She's ok. She's not crying.


 Ah, good. I see somebody remembered that this family also has a dog.

Orange: I got an A+!

Great job!

 And surprise, surprise...Italy came over. I really think we have a new social butterfly in town.

Way to go, Violet!

Violet: Thanks.

I guess that wishing for friends helped, huh?

Violet: It sure did. Well worth the extra gardening.


 Oh boy, time for toddler years times two! Happy birthday, dear Indigo..

...and Ruby... 

Well, Indigo certainly got the Vega features...


 Ruby has a little bit more Beesly in her, although she did grow up with a nice hairstyle.

Kia: Come on, Indigo...time to learn to walk.

Kia, you're a grandmother. You can slow down a bit with the toddlers.

 Violet: Ok, Ruby. Time to go potty like a big girl.

I would think it's easier to raise twins when you are one yourself, huh?

Violet: Having 4 adults at home helps out more, actually.

Kia: Yuck! Indigo!

That's what you get for tossing him in the air after feeding him.


 And now poor Escape isn't so ignored anymore!

Ruby: Puppy!

 Glad to see somebody's remembered to spend some time with Orange.

Orion: He's pretty independent now, anyway.

Um, hi Venice. May I ask what you're doing here?

Venice: The little guy needed a bath.



 Venice: Drink up, Indigo.

Wow, Venice is actually a very good babysitter, even if she is a random one.

I'm happy to see that elderhood is treating you two well.

Kia: Do you think we should retire?
John: Why?

Well, you don't always see an elderly space pirate and criminal mastermind.


 And I see you've taken back the garden, Violet.

Violet: Now that I'm not pregnant anymore I have the energy to do it again. 

Well, you keep plugging away at that. I've got to be on my way, though. I'll see all of you guys next round.

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So, yes. Ruby and Indigo were in fact cheesecake twins. But I really wanted to have these guys have a girl so they could be done having kids. And I'm not sure why Venice randomly showed up and started taking care of the toddlers. I also learned that when you have boy and girl twins, it doesn't help to put their rooms at opposite ends of the house. The poor adults were doing laps trying to keep up with the constant feeding/changing/putting to bed.


Anonymous said...

Here's what I think would be a good name for future kids in this house for generation to come: Heather! Like Heather Grey!