Monday, December 6, 2010

Levinson 3: Round 9


 Last round was a bit of a mystery for the Levinson household. After adopting a poodle, Abbey, to keep their only daughter Dawn from becoming too lonely, the family also adopted a cat when the mysterious voice was occupied elsewhere. Unfortunately, nobody could remember who bought the cat, but whoever that person was had the incredible forsight to name the cat Abbey as well. Abbey, being an elder cat, didn't even live through the entire week. Meanwhile, Dawn grew from a child to a teen and entered into a serious relationship with Edward Martin; both of them have since changed their aspirations from romance to popularity at college.

Whoa! Somebody upgraded the real estate!

Manhattan: Did you really think we were going to be able to fit any more people into that little house? 

I guess not.

Feel good to have only one Abbey around again?

Rainn: I guess so. It wouldn't have been so bad if the cat hadn't had the same name.

 This isn't Dawn's dream job of being a rock god, but it's the closest one available.


 And same goes for Edward. It's the closest to athletic he could get.

Manhattan:  We have a pool table?

Is that a problem?

Manhattan: I guess not. I just hope this place doesn't become a party hangout. I saw what happened over at the Mendoza's house with the bar.

 A party? I can only imagine what that's for.

Dawn: Edward, get off the computer. We have to go get ready.

Edward: Hold on, just one more round...

And I guess the kimono is just the family wedding attire...


 Edward: Hey, man! How's it going?

Emmett: Ok, um...shouldn't you be a little more dressed up?

Edward: I was just on my way upstairs to change.

 And I guess the gray dress is Dawn's family wedding outfit...


 Um...hi Danton.

Danton: Hi!

May I ask why you're here?

Danton: Oh, you know...just playing some pool.

In a house where you know nobody.

Danton: Yeah.

I see why Manhattan was worried.

So, how are the happy....oh, boy. I'd better get out of here.


 Good to see being married hasn't made you two any less obsessed with each other.

Dawn: Have a good first day at work, honey! Oh, suddenly I don't feel so great.

You should probably go inside and lie down.

See, what did I tell you? That didn't take long at all.

Rainn: I guess not. I still wish I hadn't gotten fired from that chance card, though.

 Rainn: I have to admit, I'm surprised that you two tied the knot.

Edward: Yeah, me too. But it's really not that bad, I guess.

Manhattan, that's not appropriate!

Manhattan: What? I'm just impressed that he's cleaning something. I could never get Rainn to do that.

Let's pass on the part...


 Yes! That should help recoup from the real estate upgrade.

 And it's a good thing you got that bonus because I don't think you'll be going back to work for awhile.

Um...let's contact the base.


 Well, that will help out if athletic ever comes up.

Nice job, Edward.

Edward: Thanks.

 Any minute now!

Dawn: No kidding.

Looks like things are looking up for Edward.


 I'm glad to see that it's not just random neighbors using the pool table.

Rainn: I'm getting pretty good.

Um...sure you are, Rainn.

Dawn: Do you ever think that the music career will come up?

Rainn: You can't go to work until the baby's born anyway. Why worry about it?

 Dawn: Um, Edward...I'm happy that you like the painting on the wall but you're kind of blocking me from getting out of bed.

Looks like it's baby time!

Edward's twin gene hasn't kicked in yet...



Dawn: It's a boy!
Great. What's his name?
Dawn: We're calling him Dusk.


 Hmm, black hair and brown eyes. Dawn's winning the genetic war so far...

Oh, good...the dog's still here. I was starting to get worried.

 Dawn: So, what would you say if I told you I was having a baby?

Edward: Didn't you have a baby already?

Dawn: Well, what would you say if I told you I was having another?

Edward: I would say that was fast...


I guess it's happening, isn't it? 

 Dawn: Yup. We're trying for that girl as quickly as possible.

Happy birthday, dear Dusk...

 He has a cute haircut. And I can see Edward in his face now.


 And now Abbey is getting some love from somebody in the house.

You taking over the teaching for now?

Manhattan: Well, I'm not pregnant. It's easier for me.


 Manhattan: Come on, Dusk. You can do it...

 And now everybody is in their desired career. That only took most of the week...

Glad to see you finally getting closer to that lifetime want, Edward.

Edward: Me too.

 And before I head out, it looks like we've got another baby to see.

One more again...

Whoa! Did you guys go shopping or something?

Dawn: No, why? 

The baby's wearing purple...and a headband.

Dawn: Well, yeah. She's a girl.

Oh, great! What's her name?

Dawn: We're calling her Twilight.

I'm not surprised, considering who her father is.


 And it looks like she got brown hair and blue eyes. Now I really do have to be on my way. I'll see you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This post took me entirely too long to write. I actually played this lot way back in the middle of November. And yes, the boy and girl babies are now wearing different outfits. I downloaded a modded baby default replacement that sets it to only appear on girl babies, so the boys will wear the same green outfit as before.


Temesha said...

Dusk is a cutie. I'm glad I could help out with naming him. Twilight is adorable as well. I like her outfit.

ciyrose said...

Awww...Twilight is super cute in her little outfit. Dusk is a cute little boy too.