Thursday, December 31, 2015

Martin 3: Round 10

Note: For some unknown reason, the first few pictures from this lot got lost in computer limbo. I must have dragged them into the wrong place after taking them in Skitch, but I can't for the life of me figure out where I dragged them to. (This is what I get for taking 6+ months to play a lot.) We now join the Martin family already in progress...

Last round, Ash and Harmonica moved in together after completing college. Soon, Harmonica was pregnant with the couple's first child, Sloth. By the end of the week, she was also pregnant with one more. 

Hi, Harmonica!

Harmonica: Oh, there you are!

I know, I know...hey, weren't you pregnant when I saw you last?

Harmonica: As a matter of fact, I was...don't you remember me having Loris?


Harmonica: Yes, our daughter!

Oh,'s cute. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the birth.

How's the new big brother doing?

Ash: He's doing ok. Say, where have you been, anyway?

Um...I've been on important mysterious voice business.

Ash: Mysterious voice business, huh?


Ash: You know...I got a pen pal the other day.

...You did?

Ash: Yeah...apparently some people in other places have mysterious voices too. Ones that move from house to house and provide annoying narration while contributing nothing...

Well I wouldn't say I contribute nothing...

Ash: So it is you! You're cheating on us!

No, it's not like that, I promise. Mysterious neighborhood narrators have multiple towns all the time...say, who's this pen pal of yours, anyway?

Ash: Eh, seems like a young kid. Named after some kind of fish...go figure. He's still hung up on the fact that my skin is orange-it's like they've never seen orange skin before.

So speaking of odd skin green babies yet, huh?

Harmonica: No, but I'm actually ok with that. I don't want them to get made fun of like me...

Hmm...this seems familiar...

Harmonica: What?

Nothing, nothing...wait...what's that noise?

Oh, my...I must have missed the birthday pop-up. Sorry, Sloth-I seem to be missing everything this week.

Let's do this quick before I miss this one too.  Happy birthday, dear Loris...

And she seems to have gotten the Lancaster half of the DNA...

Harmonica: Sorry we didn't have a cake for you, Sloth...

Sloth: It's ok, Mommy.

Sloth: No,'re not supposed to eat them...

Aww...Sloth is such a good big brother.

Ash: Come on, can do it!

Sloth: Nice kitty...where did you come from? Do you think Mom will let me keep it?

Well, there's only one way to find out...

Nice job, Harmonica.

Harmonica: Thanks...

Sloth: Mom! Mom!

Sloth: Mom, can we get a cat?

Harmonica: Huh?

Sloth: There was this kitty in the yard when I got off the bus today. Can we keep it?

Harmonica: Um...ask your father.

Sloth: Dad, can I keep the kitty?

Ash: Well, maybe we can get a pet after Loris gets a little older. Toddlers and animals can be a tricky mix.

Harmonica: Can you believe Loris is almost ready for school?

I know, time's going by so fast.

Ash: Well, maybe it wouldn't be going by so fast for you if you popped by once in awhile.

You guys aren't going to let this go, are you?

Harmonica: Nope.

Oh, man...let's go with airports...

Phew! I've gotten too used to chance cards having little to no effect...

Um, nanny? What are you doing?

Nanny: Cleaning up. This place is a mess.

That would be the maid's job. Your job is to pick up the sleeping toddler.

Not a moment too soon...I don't know how much longer she would have survived with that nanny. Happy birthday, dear Loris...

Well, you're growing into your features nicely.

Loris: Um...thanks?

And now sadly it's time for me to be on my way. I'll see you guys next round...

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Yes, after a much too long hiatus we finally have another post in Tranquility Bay. I figured now that I'm almost to round 10 in Tranquility Creek I should come back and show these guys a little love. And I know I didn't end up doing a holiday post for this year, but honestly not much has changed since last year to show off in a group picture. I did want to post on New Years Eve, though, as I always consider New Year's to be the unofficial anniversary of this blog. 8 years and counting!


ciyrose said...

Well I don't know if you will ever make it back here or not, but it was fun to catch up on all the posts and families you have had! :)

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Chrissy Brown said...

Harmonica is a really pretty ailen! Is she still a pleasure sim? Ill admit that I don’t tend to read the graduation entries so I’m not sure if you changed her aspiration so she wouldn’t want 50 1st dates anymore. I hope you continue soon

Chrissy Brown said...

Mary, I have a question? Is it boring playing the Super Collection? If you’re interested since you play Mac you can play the Ultimate Collection. But you’ll need to install Windows through boot camp. And if they won’t give it to you for free on origin there is a safe abandonware link to the Ultimate Collection. I love this blog too much but it needs more life injected in it and setting up a partition for the Ultimate Collection might help