Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beesly 15: Round 9


Next up we come to the home of Popcorn Beesly and William Lancaster. At least I think that's who lives here; it would be easier to tell had I remembered to label the picture. 

Hah, see? Told you it was William.


This is going to be fun...

And I see Popcorn's taking the "100,000 simoleon" shortcut.


Hi, guys.

Popcorn: Hi, mysterious voice.

Any wedding plans in the works for you two?

Popcorn: We'll get to that eventually. We just want to enjoy each other for now.

Uh-huh...and it looks like Popcorn's having a very painful pregnancy.


And William finally found the education career! (His lifetime want is also "Become Education Minister". Seems to be a popular one with the Class of Round 9).

Well, you're looking more normal.

Popcorn: Yeah, I feel much better in my pajamas. 


Although I don't think it will matter much longer. It's baby time!


Popcorn: Huh?

It's a boy!

Popcorn: ...yeah...

Well, I was starting to think something was seriously wrong with this town.


Popcorn: So do you want to know the name of the baby?

Oh, right. I was so relieved by his gender I forgot. What's his name?

Popcorn: Kellan.

Hmm, I was wondering when this theme would show up.

Hi, William. We haven't seen a lot of you...

William: Well, I've been busy.


Nice going, Popcorn!

Popcorn: Thanks. It won't be much longer until this awkward career pays off.

Dressed up relatives! Must be wedding time.

Phoebe: Um, that's an interesting choice to wear to someone else's wedding...

Yeah, I really need to pay more attention to formal wear.


Case in point, William's outfit. One out of two isn't bad, I guess.


Hmm...maybe an outdoor wedding wasn't appropriate...


Did you plan the wedding on his birthday?

Popcorn: No, just a happy accident.

Happy birthday, dear Kellan...


Hmm, looks like his dad with black hair. 

Not bad.

Popcorn: Thanks. I really like the back. It was a little cold during the ceremony...

I was actually talking about your son's new look.

Popcorn: Oh...thanks!


Well, I have to say I'm impressed. You guys actually remembered to plan a wedding after you had a child. 

Popcorn: See, I told you so.


Ok, well, this is where I make my exit. I'll see all of you guys next round!


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Yes! Somebody finally had a boy! Normally I'm hoping that a household's first child is a girl, because that negates the need for them to have more children. But after such a long string of girls in a row, I was growing concerned.


ciyrose said...

Kellen is very cute, and finally a boy. You certainly did have a very long rash of girls there. I loved Popcorn's dress too.

Willow said...

I love this blog so much :)

I don't comment as much as I should, because I'm usually on my Ipod and it's difficult to do. I really admire you for sticking to this as long as you have, as well as blogging about it too. It's so impressive- I could never do it XD