Friday, March 18, 2011

Mendoza 2: Round 9


Last round, twin sisters Glinda and Nessarose Mendoza continued to raise almost-identical families with their respective husbands, Bronx and Harlem. Both of them became pregnant for a second time, and each gave birth to a second daughter; Jade for Nessarose and Harlem and Kelly for Glinda and Bronx. Meanwhile, the couples' first daughters Emerald and Fern grew from toddlers to children and started school.

Um, hi there guys.

Bronx: Hi, mysterious voice.

May I ask what's going on?

Harlem: Just a little early morning workout.

I I smell something burning?

Maybe Bronx shouldn't have left his breakfast in the oven while he worked out.

Now, refresh my memory...she's not your kid, right?

Harlem: No. My toddler is the one with red hair.

Right! Got it.

Now, she's your sister, right?

Fern: Yeah. That's why I'm playing with her.

Ok, good to know. You and Emerald don't have hairstyles that match either parent. But just so you know, you can play with your cousin too, you know.


Fern: When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.

Emerald: You can't be an astronaut! Nobody is an astronaut.

Fern: I can be a space pirate. That's kind of close.

Kind of begs the question of how they know what an astronaut is, though.

Ok, this is messing me up...where are her actual parents?

Glinda: They're around. I just got to her first.

Oh, ok. In that case...happy birthday, dear Jade...

...and Kelly...


Very cute.

Jade: Thanks!

Also very cute.

Kelly: Thanks!


Another workout?

Harlem: I've taken up yoga.

I can see that...that doesn't look comfortable at all. Or possible, for that matter.

Jade: You better not sit next to me at school. The teachers already think Fern and Emerald are twins. I don't want them thinking we are too.

Kelly: Well you'd better not sit next to me either. I want to make new friends.

Looks like Fern's providing an example for that one. Who's this?

Fern: This is my new friend Callie...she and her family just moved here.

Callie...oh, right. I forgot about you guys.

Fern: What do you mean you forgot about her? You don't go to her house.

Callie: Technically we don't have a house...just a lawn.

Don't worry, I'll drop by soon to remedy a way.

Looks like Emerald is making a friend, who's actually a citizen of this town.

Marble: You're a twin too? That's so cool.

Emerald: We're not twins! We're just cousins.

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Fern...


...and Emerald...

Not bad.

Same goes for you, Emerald. Now, have you two chosen aspirations?

Fern: I want a big family!

We'll have to discuss the definition of "big" but alright. Family it is.


Emerald: I want a lot of friends!

Alright, another popularity Sim!

And I guess that decides what the definition of "big family" is, doesn't it? If I didn't know better I'd say she chose that just to get around my efforts at population control...

Really, Emerald? I'm having a hard enough time getting this done for Tangerine...

Hey, look who dropped by. Fern, meet Connecticut.

Connecticut: Hi, um...this is kind of awkward.

Fern: Just a bit.

How is your friend cold? It's almost summer.

Emerald: He's not cold. This is just how he looks all the time. who is he, anyway?

Emerald: This is Risto Cooprider. His family's new here too. Say, do you guys have a house?

Risto: Yeah, it's in the other part of town.

Emerald: Other part of town? There's another part of town?

Risto: You're not missing much. It's not great.

I have no influence over the living conditions in the other part of town, Risto.


Looks like that robot station paid off! So now everybody has their lifetime want, right?

Harlem: Everybody except for Glinda. She wants to send 3 children to college.

Oh, right...that third child.

Harlem: There's not much they can do about that now. There's already eight people living here.

Nessarose: I'm so proud of you for earning $100,000!

Harlem: I never thought I would get there.

Coal: So how do you like having a twin?

Kelly: I don't have a twin.

Coal: Yes, you do. Jade...

Kelly: We're not twins!

Something tells me that's gong to be a constant refrain for these girls.

Looks like Risto made the cut!


As did Connecticut! Pushing through the awkwardness paid off, I guess.

I like the new hairstyle, Jade.

Jade: Thanks!

Decided to take up fishing?

Kelly: There's not much else to do.

I guess fishing is a better pastime than whacking each other with pillows.

Harlem: Huh?

Never mind...

Ok, the week is winding down. Time to get the scholarships lined up. Nice job, Fern!


You too, Emerald.

Emerald: Thanks.

Alright, I will see both of you girls at graduation! Everybody else, I'll see you next round!


A Message from the Mysterious Voice: This house is both chaotic and confusing. Unlike the other shared sibling houses, where I built the house as a duplex and have a clear devision between the families, these guys live in one big 4-bedroom house. I always forget which couple sleeps in which bedroom, or which child belongs to which parent.  And you may have noticed that I've added some new custom townies. Callie is actually supposed to be one, but I forgot to go into her family's (temporary) lot, age her up, and add her family to the townie pool. So don't be surprised if you  see her as a teenager on another lot.


Anonymous said...

Yay, Conneticut! Fern's LTW will get some more pointy ears into town.

Chrissy Brown said...

Emerald looks just like her great aunt Monica!