Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beesly 2: Round 5

Last round the Beesly family was expanded in more ways than one. As the twins May and June worked in the garden, they developed a fondness for animals. So, Rhys took a trip to the pet store and came home with a cat, Mifflin. Soon after, Pamela found herself pregnant again and gave birth to a fourth girl, named July. May and June grew to teenagers and prepared for college, while July grew to a toddler.

Rhys: Good morning! It's a big day today!

Really? Why?

What? This cannot be happening already...

I can't believe you guys are becoming elders...

Rhys: Yes, it must be very hard for you...never mind for us...

Oh, sorry.

I think you're the only elder in town with fully gray hair.

And your hair just got a little bit lighter.

Now for the third birthday. Happy birthday, dear July...

Hey July, you didn't let me get a picture of you!

July: Oh, sorry.

What a pretty young lady.

July: Thanks, mysterious voice.

So it's your job to take over the garden now, huh?

July: Yup. I'm not as good at it as May and June were though.

Don't worry, you'll get better.

So is it different only having one child at home?

Rhys: Well, it is much quieter.

How's school going, July?

July: I'm not doing that well yet.

Don't worry. Nobody does well at the beginning.

I see the elder years hasn't dimmed your spark any.

Who are you calling?

Pamela: We're having our golden anniversary party today. I'm calling out of work.

From the shower?

Pamela: Why not?

Rhys: Hi, April! Great to see you.

Couldn't have been bothered to put on clothes, huh Rhys?

I don't think I've seen you twins together since you were kids.

Emma: This is the first time most of us have been in the same room in quite awhile.

So Emma, Madison and April immediately have a video game match...

And Rhys and the twins go outside and have a water balloon the middle of winter.

Madison: Hey Pam, I was thinking...did you ever find out know...happened to our Mom?

Pamela: What do you mean did I find out?

Madison: Well, you are the oldest. You're the only one who was old enough to notice anything.

Pamela: No, I didn't notice anything. I don't think that mystery is ever going to be solved.

July: I got an A+!

Way to go! What a way to wrap up the party.

What are you doing, Pamela?

Pamela: Well, Madison was right. I am the oldest, I should have tried harder to find out what happened to Mom.

Well, you were quite busy. First you had to help raise your sisters, then you had your own kids and a career. Come to think of it, until today I haven't heard you mention your mom.

Pamela: I know...I just...I wish I could have done more. Gotten more information. I'm not going to be around forever, and even if I don't find out what happened to her, I wish I could have at least given Ashley or Emma and Madison the information they need to find out.

There's certainly a lot of unsolved mysteries around this town lately.

Way to go, Rhys. That puts you a bit closer to the $100,000 goal, right?

Rhys: Well, yes. But it isn't enough. I'm not close enough yet. So I'm taking up a new hobby.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Rhys: What? I'm making robots. They'll enrich everyone's lives.

Pamela: Yeah, if you could make robots that work...

I guess Rhys needs a little more practice.

July: Guess what? My dad makes robots!

Toyota: Really? Can I have one?

Maybe a little later, Toyota. I don't think you want any of the ones he's making now.

Getting a bit better with the garden, I see.

July: Yup. These cucumbers and strawberries are going to be awesome!

Um...what exactly are you doing?

Pamela: Oh, this is our new sauna. We bought it to keep Rhys happy while he works on his robots. I just don't get it. She was there one night, and the next morning we all woke up and she was just gone. I called the police, but they couldn't even find her on the record books. How could a person just just doesn't make sense.

It is rather peculiar.

Rhys: Yes! I just sold my first Servo!

That's great. Does that mean you hit the 100,00 mark?

Rhys: Nope. But I'm halfway there!

(sighs) Thank goodness this week is guys are making my head hurt and spin at the same time. I'll see you all next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I can't believe Pam and Rhys are elders. But, they did become adults during round one so they are on the same timetable as all the founding adults. It was kind of fun having the family reunion for the golden anniversary party-there's a whole lot of virtual estrogen in that family.


Rachel said...

Nothing like a water balloon fight in winter!

ciyrose said...

Wow, they really are growing up. I'm starting to feel like I want family trees to keep everything straight. lol