Saturday, September 20, 2008

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 6

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to Sim State University's graduation ceremony for the Class of Round 6! This round had one of the largest graduating classes in Tranquility Bay history, with 27 graduating students. As always, the names will be listed in alphabetical order:

Arizona Beesly

Easter Beesly

Jenna Beesly

July Beesly

Rainn Beesly

Robin Beesly

Ross Beesly

Sparrow Beesly

England Halpert

Idina Halpert

Kumquat Halpert

Mango Halpert

Mexico Halpert

Rosario Halpert

Dakota Holiday

Destin Holiday

Bryan Lancaster

Zachary Lancaster

Roger Larson

Manhattan Levinson

Clarinet Martin

Mandolin Martin

Giselle Schrute

Angelica Warner

Brooke Warner

Bronx Vega

England Vega

Now, of course, it's time for the second part of our ceremony: the "Who's Leaving with Who" rundown. This class produced the following couples:

Brooke Warner and Bryan Lancaster. Brooke and Bryan will be starting their own house.

Easter Beesly and Zachary Lancaster. Easter and Zachary will be starting their own house.

Idina Halpert and Dakota Holiday. Idina and Dakota will be starting their own house.

Sparrow Beesly and Mexico Halpert. Sparrow and Mexico will be moving back into Sparrow's childhood home where Sparrow will become the house's heiress.

Rosario Halpert and Bronx Vega. Rosario and Bronx will be starting their own house.

Mandolin Martin and Kumquat Halpert. Mandolin and Kumquat will be starting their own house.

Roger Larson and July Beesly. July and Roger will be moving into July's childhood home where July will take her place as the house's heiress.

Clarinet Martin and England Halpert. Clarinet and England will be moving into Clarinet's childhood home where Clarinet will take her place as the house's heiress.

England Vega and Arizona Beesly. England and Arizona will be moving into Arizona's childhood home where Arizona will take her place as the house's heiress.

Rainn Beesly and Manhattan Levinson: Rainn and Manhattan will be starting their own house.

Robin Beesly and Mango Halpert: Robin and Mango will be moving back into Mango's childhood home where he will take the place as the house's heir.

Ross Beesly and Giselle Schrute: Ross and Giselle will be moving into Giselle's childhood home where she will take her place as the house's heiress.

And of course, there's Angelica Warner who opted to start her new life solo.

And there you have it, the Sim State University class of Round 6! Now, let's get back to Tranquility Bay and on with the round!


Rachel said...

That's a lot of Beesleys. Why does it look like someone is punching Ross in the head?

ciyrose said...

There are a TON of Beesley's!! Also a lot of Halpert's....if you aren't careful, those names are going to overtake the hood. :)