Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halpert 4: Round 6

Next up is the home of Idina Halpert and Dakota Holiday. Unfortunately in a rare moment of mental weakness, the mysterious voice forgot to take a beginning picture for them. To refresh your memory, Idina is one-half of Apple and Shawn Halpert's first-born set of twins. Dakota is a member of the famous Holiday clan, and accompanied Idina to Sim State.

Hi, guys. How do you like the new house?

Idina: It's just great! But we've got to get looking for work if we're going to keep it up.

Dakota: Plus we have to get down to the chapel soon.

That dress is proving very popular.

Really, Dakota, did you have to keep those sunglasses on during the wedding?

And look, the welcome wagon has arrived. You know, these guys aren't really new to town.

Kia: Well, they're new to this house.

So you're coming over to welcome them by having pillow fights with each other?

Trumpet: Um, sure.

I see the newlyweds have found a quiet moment inside the house.

Idina: At least our friends are pretty good about entertaining themselves.

Nice going, Idina. But I thought you wanted to be a game designer?

Idina: I do. But that job wasn't coming up and we need money.

Something tells me that you'll have plenty of time to change careers.

If you can stay awake that is.

Feeling better?

Idina: No! This pregnancy thing is just horrible! I'm falling asleep or starving all the time!

I see you're still finding time for chess.

Idina: I need to have my logic skill up for when I start the gamer career after the baby's born.

Which is happening right now, I guess.

Idina: This is worse than falling asleep!

Idina: It's a girl! Meet baby Zoe!


Idina: Dakota, meet your new daughter!

Dakota, it's the middle of winter. Take those sunglasses off already! Your baby deserves to see your eyes.

I guess that chess paid off, huh?

Idina: Yup!

Nice going for you too, Dakota.

Dakota: Yeah, especially since I haven't been sleeping well.

The baby keeping you up?

Dakota: Nah, I've been having these really crazy dreams. Something about a toilet catching on's crazy.

Not that crazy...

I just realized that I never got a picture of Zoe...

And look who stopped by for a visit! It's Mumble!

Um...let's test further.


Happy birthday, dear Zoe...

Wow, her eyes must come from her dad. Too bad her dad won't take off his sunglasses so I can confirm...

Dakota: Come to Daddy, honey...

I love the new hairstyle. And I guess a love of dance runs in Dakota's family.

Nice job. Now will you please take off the sunglasses?

Dakota: No! I like them!

Let's go with Knights with Swords...

Nice! That should help out a lot.

Yes! Way to end the week, Idina!

Idina: The week's over already?

Yup. But don't worry, I'll see you all next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice. Not too much to tell about this house. Idina did have a really hard pregnancy. And to see what I was talking about with regards to Dakota's dream, check out Rachel's blog Prosperity Point (it's linked in the sidebar).


Lissa said...

I've become addicted to this blog. I've been wanting to start my own Prosperity Challenge (and I'm a boolProp addict here). Unfortunately, my computer doesn't really work well with my Sims game (I have Double Deluxe...I want more expansion packs). I can't make my own characters without the game freezing up.

I already planned some family ideas if the right ages and genders roll up. I was planning on making the starting families based off or people I know. Too bad I won't be able to make the families :(

Keep the entries coming!

Rachel said...

Dakota doesn't take his sunglasses off, ever! Even if he's on fire! Thanks for the shout out, it made me chuckle.