Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Warner 2: Round 6

Last round, Abigail Warner struggled with the unsolved mystery of the photos in her house. She spent most of the week on maternity leave, first with her second child, River, and then with her third pregnancy. Rome, meanwhile, became a mad scientist in an attempt to earn $100,000. Their older child, Brooke, grew to a child and excelled in school.

Good morning, guys.

Abigail: Hi, mysterious voice!

So what's this big news you've been going on about?

Abigail: I'm waiting for Destiny to get here-she has to get her girls off to school before she comes.

Abigail: Hi, Destiny. I'm glad you made it over! How are the girls?

Destiny: Well, the hormones have hit Angelica pretty hard. But they're both doing well. Look at you-you're about to pop!

Abigail: I know! Come on inside-there's something I want to show you!

Abigail: I found this article online...

I thought the internet searching wasn't working for you.

Abigail: Well, it wasn't. But I found a newspaper from someplace else-listen to this:

Second Set of Multiples For Local Couple
A local couple recently welcomed two more to an already full house! Brooke and Christopher Warner, of the Alphabet City, welcomed a set of twins earlier this week. The Warners made history six years ago when they gave birth to a set of quadruplets using fertility drugs. The quads, three girls and one boy, were part of a wave of drug-induced multiple births that led local authorities to severely restrict such drugs. The Warners insist that their twins occurred naturally.
The new twins, named Destiny and Eddie, join their older siblings, Abigail, Adina, Alexis, and Avery, who are now in the first grade.

Abigail: Do you know what this means? We finally know who they are! We have four other siblings out there somewhere.

Destiny: But why aren't they here? Why didn't they come with us?

Abigail: I don't know...and what happened to our parents?

Destiny: Well, at least we know the names we're looking for. Brooke and Christopher...Hey, do you think that's why you picked that name?

Abigail: Hmm, I guess you're right.

I guess we're taking a break for a birthday party! Happy birthday dear River...

He still looks just like his dad. Rome's winning the genetic war here.

Abigail: I'm just so relieved to have found something! I know it doesn't give us all the answers...

Destiny: I still can't remember them, though. That's the thing. I believe that the article was right, but I can't picture what Eddie looked like, or Alexis.

Abigail: I can't either.

Number three is here!

Abigail: We've got another boy!

What's his name?

Abigail: We're calling this one Ocean!

And he got his dad's skin! It's about time that showed up!

Rome: So are you satisfied now? You found out who those people are. We can tell the kids that they have aunts and uncles from your side of the family.

Abigail: But where are they, Rome? I don't think my parents would have just sent me and Destiny here without the rest of them-we were both pretty young. And why don't I remember them? I don't remember living anywhere but here!

Rome: Does it really matter? You have three beautiful kids, and I'm assuming that you intend to have more. You have a career-you have a life here. Why does it matter if you can't remember the one you left?

Abigail: You don't understand, Rome. You were born here. I just wish I could remember...

River! Get away from the roaches!

River: But I'm trying to smoosh them!

That's a job for the exterminator.

Nice job, Abigail!

Abigail: Thanks mysterious voice.

I'm sorry I can't make you remember anything else. That newspaper article pretty much told you everything I knew.

Abigail: I understand.

Why are you doing his homework outside in the rain?

Abigail: This is just where he left it.

Happy birthday, dear Brooke...

Not a terrible outfit. Now, have you chosen your aspiration yet?

Brooke: I want a life of pleasure!

Another one? Are you sure you guys aren't in on this together?

Number four on the way?

Abigail: I guess so.

River: I got an A+!!

Great job, River!

Happy birthday, dear Ocean...

And Rome continues to win the genetic war!

Abigail: Come on, honey. You need to learn to walk before the new baby comes.

No pressure...

This has been a popular lifetime want this round too...

Um, let's play it safe and use the amber.

Nice! That should help out with the $100,000 thing.

When did you switch to Natural Science, anyway?

Rome: I heard that Rhys Beesly down the street did it to get his $100,000. I figured it couldn't hurt.

Oh, dear...looks like being pregnant for the 4th time is taking its toll on Abigail.

How least Abigail has some help from her older kids.

Time for baby number 4!

Abigail: It's a girl! Meet baby Stream!

Great! Let me get a close-up.

Looks like her grandpa Matthew's skin is finally showing up too! It's about time there was some genetic diversity.

Any more luck with the internet?

Abigail: Sort of. I did find our family tree, but it just shows the names. Not the pictures. But it also shows our other family-like all our cousins and stuff. I'm going to try some more searches on them.

Keep trying. I'm sure you'll be able to find something. It's the internet, for crying out loud.

Isn't the bathroom an odd place to dance?

Rome: Well, space is a precious commodity in this house.

River: Ha ha! I got you all wet!

River! That wasn't very nice!

Happy birthday dear Stream...

and Ocean...

Well, Stream's going to need a makeover but she looks more like her mom than the others.

And Ocean is pretty much a carbon-copy of his dad.

River: Dad, that lady down the street is so pretty...

Rome: She's a grown-up, River. She's married and has kids already. Focus on the girls your own age.

Yeah, but stay away from Queens Levinson if you can. There's enough competition for her heart already.

And I think Stream has to be the cutest one of the bunch so far.

Brooke: Sorry about River hitting you with a water balloon. You know how little brothers are.

Bryan: Yeah, I have a couple brothers myself. It's alright.

Brooke: Um, I'd really like it if you came to college with me.

Looks like we've got our last established couple!

Not bad, considering you were also playing nanny all week. I'll see you at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I don't know what is up with all the teens choosing pleasure this round! I just did a quick rundown of the "class of round 6", and so far we've got 6 pleasure sims-more than any other aspiration. The runner up was popularity, with 5. Family and Romance each won 3, Knowledge won 2, and only one sim chose Fortune.


Rachel said...

Hurray for Bryan! That is a lot of Pleasure sims!