Friday, March 28, 2008

Halpert 3: Round 4

Next up on our string of college grads is Kiwi Halpert and Steve Beesly. Kiwi was is the second daughter of Jessica and Christopher Halpert. Steve is the oldest son of Ashley Beesly and Joshua Martin. These two are one of Tranquility Bay's most compatible couples-let's see if Steve's unconventional family affects his adult life.

Hi, guys!

Kiwi: Hi, mysterious voice!

So are you two heading down to the chapel?

Steve: Nah, we're getting married the old fashioned way.

Ahh, a home wedding. Hi, Halperts. Glad to see you could all make it.

Jessica: I feel a little odd being pregnant at my second daughter's wedding.

Just don't think about it.

Look, it's a fruit salad!

Apple: Sorry I wore my wedding dress...

Oh, that's my fault. I forgot to change your formal wear back.

What a nice simple ceremony.

Followed by a family pillow fight...of course.

Wow, what a day.

Steve: I know. I never knew weddings could be so much work.

Well, since your parents never got married you can be forgiven.

Not feeling so well this morning, Kiwi?

Kiwi: .....

Um...let's hand it off.

Ok...not sure what that means, but ok.

Steve: What a first day.

Kiwi: Well, at least you made the right choice. I've heard those medicine choices can have some really bad results.

Nice choice of maternity wear, Kiwi.

Kiwi: It's certainly much more comfortable...or at least it seems more comfortable than the outfit my mom wore.

Nice going, Steve. Good timing, too.

Steve: Really? Why?

Because you're about to become a daddy!

Make that a daddy times 2! I think we've hit a twin spurt.


Kiwi: It's a boy! Meet Mexico!

Gee, I wonder what the naming theme could be...

Kiwi: Hold on, we're not done...

Kiwi: We have a second boy! Meet baby England!

Well your sister just had two girls. That makes sense.

Kiwi: Well, at least I can tell them apart.

Yeah, let me get a closeup.

Ok, so England has the lighter skin...

And Mexico has darker skin.

Wow, and on your first day back too.

Kiwi: Well, I had all that time to prepare.

Um...ok. I guess they can use all the help they can get.

Kiwi: Wow, two babies are a lot of work.

Well, you're not alone. Your sister had twins too.

Kiwi: It must be a family thing.

And back to the pillowfighting.

Steve: Hey, we need a break somehow.

Happy birthday dear Mexico...

I hate it when toddlers grow up into pajamas. But he's still a cutie.

Happy birthday dear England...

Wow, a decent outfit and unique hair. He must be lucky.

And so, the training begins.

And continues...nice choice of outfits for him, by the way.

Kiwi: Thanks, mysterious voice.

You're lucky they both grew up on a Friday night.

Steve: This is a full time job in itself.

Kiwi: Come on, go potty like a big boy.

Steve: Can you say...

England: No!

Well, we know we have to work on listening.

Whew! What a way to end the week.

Steve: It's Sunday night already?

Yup. Time goes by faster with twins, doesn't it?

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: I like that Apple and Kiwi both had sets of twins, but Apple had two girls while Kiwi had two boys. Next up are Eric Schrute and Destiny Warner. Big story elements coming up in the next house. Stay tuned...or, well, you know.


Rachel said...

Mexico & England... nice names. The twins are cute & I loved the "fruit salad" comment at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

I got that same medical chance card and chose the same thing, but then the resident left a whole heap of sponges and medical tools in there, and my sim got fired.

ciyrose said...

Another set of cute. The wedding was very nice.