Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halpert 5: Round 6

Next up in the parade of new houses is yet another addition to the Halpert lineup. Rosario is the other half of Apple and Shawn Halpert's firstborn twins. Her fiancee, Bronx Vega, is the brother of Aracely Vega.

Glad to see you guys are enjoying your new yard.

Bronx: We're just waiting for the taxi to get here.

Wedding time?

Rosario: Yup!

Hey, look who showed up!

Bronx: Hey, Aracely!

Aracely: Hi, Bronx! I'm so happy that you guys are finally coming into town! It will be great to have some family nearby.

Oh, dear...I'm so sorry I didn't change your formal wear.

Heading home?

Rosario: Are you kidding? Have you seen my husband? We're making one more stop first.

Rosario: I don't care how much this costs. If he got married dressed as Santa, I'm afraid to see what his other clothes are.

Well maybe you should pay a little attention to how much it costs. You are just out of college after all.

Well you two certainly look a bit more stylish.

Rosario: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Hmm, I guess Bronx went into education. Let's send Harry.


Congratulations, Bronx!

Bronx: Thanks mysterious voice!

Wow, it was a good day for everyone.

Wow, you didn't even show any morning sickness.

Rosario: I know! This is such a surprise!

Finding ways to spend your maternity leave?

Rosario: My work sent this over. They pay me $5 every few minutes I stand here practicing a case.

Hmm, that might come in handy for some of those "earn $100,000" people...

A new job for Bronx, I see?

What made you leave the education field?

Bronx: Well it's always been my dream to be captain Hero. I just went into education to get the reward bookcase.

Yeah, that's not exploiting the system at all.

You do seem to be good in law enforcement, though.

Ira: So your sister lives here in town?

Bronx: Yeah. My brothers live just outside town, too. We all came here as teens with our mom.

Ira: Where did you live before that?

Bronx: You know, it's the funniest thing...I can't remember. Do you remember where you lived?

Ira: Sort of. I know I met my wife Riley at college, but not at Sim State. And I remember some things about our house, and our street. But I don't remember what made us move here.

Looks like we'll have to interrupt the male bonding for just a moment. It's baby time!

Rosario :It's a boy! Meet baby Topaz!

Topaz...well, don't just stand there. Put the kid down so I can get a picture!

He looks just like his mom so far!

Rosario: I really wish we didn't have to leave him with the nanny. That woman set our house on fire multiple times as a kid.

Bronx: I know. But we both have to work. There's nothing we can do.

Don't worry. The mysterious voice nanny-cam is on the job.

Nice job, Bronx!

And you too, Rosario!

Happy birthday, dear Topaz...

And Bronx doesn't seem to pass on those Vega features as strongly as Aracely does.

Well this has been a good first week for you guys.

Rosario: Is the week over already?

Yup, I'll see you three next round!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: I had no idea that the law career reward paid $5 a sim-minute (pretty much). Might be a good plan for some fortune sims I know. Now we only have two new houses left in the round! We're getting so close!


Rachel said...

Wow Bronx has the same LTW in your game as in mine. Is the name theme stones, like it is in mine?

ciyrose said...

Wow....I didn't know that about the podium either. Very cool!